5 Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

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2020 has been a difficult year for us all. The current pandemic means that, unfortunately, there have been many redundancies and freelancers have been struggling to find work. It’s totally normal if you and your family are trying to make some cut backs and reduce your spending. 

The electricity bill is one that can floor you every month. Even if you think you’re being sensible, things add up quickly. So, here are 5 ways to reduce your electricity bill. 

Change your bulbs

Certain bulbs are more energy efficient than others. GU10 LED lights, for example, last longer and use less energy, making them more cost effective (what is a GU10 light bulb? Find out more). Over its lifetime, an energy saving lightbulb could cut around £180 from your energy bills. So, if you find that your bulbs often die quickly, it might be sensible to make a change to something more cost effective. Plus, you can get them in a great array of colours and styles.  

Dress for the temperature 

If you often feel chilly at home, you might quickly reach for the thermostat. Or, if you’re feeling warm, you might reach for the fan. However, changing the temperature of your home should be a worst-case scenario. Instead, think about what you’re wearing and try to dress accordingly. Could you put a jumper on, or a thick pair of socks? Or are your jeans a little thick for the mild weather we’re having? Think about how to stay warm without turning on the heating, or vice versa. 

Remove draughts

Similarly, many older homes can be draughty. You might feel chilly when sitting around simply because of some air coming in underneath the back door or windows. And this works both ways. These areas will also be letting out any heat from inside your home. So, try to find ways to block these unwanted gaps. Rolled up items of clothing or blankets work wonders. For a longer-term solution, use draught proofing strips. 

Unplug appliances

Leaving appliances on stand-by could also be raking up your electricity bill. While they aren’t being used, they’re still rinsing small amounts of electricity which adds to your bill. While you probably don’t want to unplug your fridge or freezer, there are certain appliances that can be switched off at the plug when you’re out and about, such as your TV, microwave and kettle. It’s a small change that could make a significant difference.  

Hang clothes to dry

The tumble dryer is an appliance that uses huge amounts of energy. The average tumble dryer uses between a whopping 1800-5000 watts – simply because it needs to spin and produce heat simultaneously. So, cut down on your energy costs by only using the tumble dryer on rare occasions. Instead, hang your washing out to dry on the line or invest in a clothes horse. This is a little trickier in the cold months, but makes your clothes smell wonderfully fresh in the summer. 

*Contributed Post

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