Five Family Bathroom Ideas

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If you’re renovating or redecorating your family home, at some point you’re going to need to think about the bathroom. A family bathroom needs to be all things for all people, which can be tough to get right. It needs to cope with you, your family members and any guests. Sharing one bathroom between several people means you need a clever design that caters for many needs. Here are some tips to get it right.

  1. Go big. In a family bathroom, there will often be times when several people are gathered around the basin at the same time, so the bigger the better. Try a vanity unit with a large trough-like bowl with lots of surface area either side for toiletries and toothbrushes. Double basins can also be a great solution for bathroom traffic at peak times. Top the vanity unit with Delft tiles UK for a beautiful finish to your practical space. 
  2. Put in a bath. If you have space, a bath is useful for family life, especially if you have small children. Not having a bath can put off buyers if you choose to sell in the future. A shower enclosure is also a good addition for rushed mornings. If you don’t have room for both, put a shower over the bath. L or D shaped baths with a wider end and glass shower screen are a good pick, as they look streamlined. Put taps in the middle of the bath so you can bath small children together without arguments about who has to sit at the tap end. 
  3. Put in lots of storage. A bathroom that is used by a lot of people can quickly get messy, so make sure you put in plenty of storage. Avoid bottles, bags, and brushes that will clutter up surfaces, and instead add cupboards below the sink, hanging cabinet mirrors, and fitting shelves where you can. If your bathroom is small, glass shelves add storage without bringing the walls in even closer. Add storage that children can reach too. Baskets on open shelves or under vanity units are a useful way to clear away toiletries quickly. Allocate each family member their own basket to make keeping things tidy and free of clutter even easier. 
  4. Lighten it up. Add task lighting over the sink, as this is handy for mornings. Spotlights and a glass mirror with built-in lighting both work well. For more relaxing bathroom time, like a bubble bath, put in a gentler light, like lights on a dimmer switch. 
  5. Colour-code your accessories. Save arguments about towels and face cloths by assigning each family member a colour. If you don’t want lots of mismatched colours in your bathroom, buy towels in your bathroom colour scheme and then sew a coloured ribbon in a loop to use as both a hook and to show who it belongs to. 

Try these ideas to make your family bathroom work harder and look much smarter for any visiting guests in your home.

*Contributed Post

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