A Guide to Going Minimalist


Most people live busy lives. With work or running children to and from schools, there is often not much time left in the day for other things. You want to keep things like housework to as little as possible, but still have your home as the haven it should be for you and your family. One of the ways is to keep it as minimalistic as possible because then cleaning it will be a lot easier, but it can still be comfortable and good to live in.

Clear Your Cupboards

Go through all the cupboards in your home and get rid of anything you do not need. There could be kitchen utensils that have not been used for years or toys that your children have outgrown. The idea is to make as much room in them as you can because then you can put things away that normally just sit around. Just think of the things in your kitchen that only get occasional use. You do not want to part with them, but they do not need to be sitting on a work surface collecting dust.

Making room in your cupboards will let you put them away. The same applies to your bathrooms and any other rooms that have cupboard space. The items you are disposing of, you can either take to a charity shop or sell yourself.

Declutter Your Shelves

Shelves can be useful in any room of your family home, but they also tend to have things pile up on them. If they are there just to hold a few ornaments, take them down. The shelf and the ornaments just create more work every time you are cleaning, as they have to be cleaned as well.

Bookshelves look great, but even the books can get very dusty. Bookshelves with glass doors will solve that problem.

Any other shelves should have as little as possible on them, as then they will not be cluttered and out of place with the rest of your home.

Too Much Furniture?

Look around every room in your home to see if every piece of furniture is really needed. Nothing will shrink the size of a room to the eye quicker than overcrowding of furniture.  Just as with the small items from your cupboards, you could sell some of these or donate them to a worthy course. Moving bigger items to another location does not have to be a problem, as large item courier delivery services will take it for you. It’s better to be rid of excess furniture like this so that you have more space to live.

Simplify Your Décor

If you have dark walls or curtains, along with various other colours, this may make your rooms appear drab and dated. Change your wall colourings for paler shades, have lightweight curtains in paler colours too. Then if you want to add some brighter colours, do it in small doses with things like the cushion covers in your living room, and the towels in your bathrooms.

Mirrors are a good way of reflecting light, especially if they are on a wall facing a window. This can make your rooms look larger and brighter, and make them very pleasant to be in.

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