Is Your Garden Ready For the Winter?

Is Your Garden Ready For the Winter?

When the summer is over, the trees have given us all their flowers and fruit, and most of the plants have bloomed, it might be time to get the garden ready for the winter and give it the support it needs in the wet, cold, and windy season. It is important that you get started with cleaning up the garden and getting it ready for the winter as soon as possible, as you never know when the first cold day will strike. Below you will find a few tips.

Cut Back Bushes and Trees

Once you know for sure that bushes and trees are not going to grow any more, and the frost is not close yet, you might want to get rid of the dry and ill branches. Before you get started with your garden cleanup you can find out how often and how much you need to trim each tree and bush to allow them to survive the winter and to protect them from damage from the cold weather.  

Protect Your Plants

If you have plants in the garden you can’t move indoors, you need to find out whether or not they will be able to withstand frost. There’s nothing worse than dealing with frozen roots of your conifer trees you spent years to grow around your garden. It might be a good idea to use wood chipping to cover the roots, and if you have strawberry or other plants move them in the greenhouse or cover them up for the cold months.

Get Rid of Dead Vegetation

If you would like to prevent dealing with the issues in the spring, you will need to check your garden vegetation and clean up your space. Dead plants don’t only look bad, but they can also attract bugs and pests. Rake out your garden, including the lawn, flower beds, and your vegetable patch, so your garden can be ready for the new plants in the summer.

Take Care of Your Ornaments

If you have statues, water features, or other garden ornaments, you will need to get them fixed and protected. Your garden furniture can be moved into the conservatory or your garage, especially if it is not weatherproof. Check the condition of your patio and make sure that nothing can be moved by a gale force wind.

Check Your Fencing and Other Structures

In case you are expecting high winds during the winter, you will need to get your fence and your garden structures inspected and fixed. A flying fence panel will not only expose your property to others, but also can damage your car or other people’s property. Check your pergola and trellis, and make sure that they are properly fixed.

The sooner you start cleaning up your garden and getting it ready for the winter the less time you will have to spend dealing with emergencies or looking at dead plants. Plan your fall and make sure you cut the grass one last time before the first frost arrives.

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