Guaranteed Ways To Ensure A Cleaner Home

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We all understand the importance of a cleaner home but it can sometimes seem like a neverending battle when trying to attain it. Clutter, dirt, and dust can soon pile up, and there is always that sneaky suspicion that things aren’t as clean as they should be. 

Thankfully, it is possible to ensure a cleaner home and to make sure that it stays spic and span for longer. Alongside our previous cleaning tips, here are a few other suggestions that we hope you find useful. 

#1: Keep a family rota

You will soon become frazzled and burned out if you try to manage all of your cleaning chores alone, so get your family on board. By giving everybody something to do on a daily basis, the house will become cleaner in double quick time (assuming they all pull their weight, of course). Knowing they have to clean might encourage your kids to make less of a mess in the first place. And because you will have the incentive to think about what needs to cleaned when coming up with a rota, you will be less likely to miss something vital. That leads us to the next point…

#2: Don’t forget the ‘hidden’ areas of your home

There are all the obvious places to clean, of course. And the reason that they are ‘obvious’ is because they are in plain sight. You wouldn’t forget to clean your kitchen counters, for example, and you wouldn’t be able to ignore the toy clutter that your kids leave in their bedrooms. But then there are those hidden places that many of us seem to forget. These are the places that we don’t think to clean regularly because they are often out of sight. There could be hidden spills under your fridge shelves, for example, and there could be an abundance of dust and pet hair beneath your bed. Check out these other hidden places that should be cleaned regularly. Admittedly, you will be adding to your housework rota if you cover every nook and cranny, but as your home will be cleaner as a result, you should still include them. Here are some tips on fridge cleaning to get you started.

#3: Leave your shoes at the door

Implement a ‘shoes-off’ policy at the door for everybody in your family as this is one way to ensure a cleaner home. You will prevent the spread of dirt, leaves, soil, and other elements of grime and debris when everybody takes their shoes off. As a result, you will have less need to scrub your floors on a daily basis, and your home will stay more hygienic for longer. It’s also a good idea to lay down one of these dirt trapper mats. So, should anybody forget to take their shoes off, or if you get an unexpected visitor coming into your house, you will be able to contain some of the dirt that would otherwise infiltrate your home. 

#4: Set up a pet cleaning station

The four-legged members of your family can also spread dirt around your home, so stop them in their tracks when they come in from the outside. By keeping a pet cleaning station near their entry point, you will be able to manage the dirt that has accumulated on their fur and paws. You only need a bucket of water and a sponge to gently clean them, and then a towel to dry them off. Here are some other ideas for a cleaner home when you have pets

#5: Clean as you go

You don’t need to wait until your home looks dirty and cluttered before you start to clean. By getting on top of things before your house becomes a shambles, you will have less to clean later on. When you’re making yourself a cup of tea in the kitchen, you could give your countertops a quick scrub down, and you could deal with any dishes in the sink too. After you have had a bath, you could remove the loose hair and ingrained dirt before you leave the room. And when thinking of your kids, you could encourage them to tidy away their toys before they leave their play areas. Your home will stay cleaner for longer if your family follows such habits, so encourage everybody to stay alert to any mess and clutter. 

You will have a cleaner home if you follow these suggestions, so keep them in mind each day. You will all benefit from a healthier living space, and in some cases, you might be able to cut down on your household chores too! Leave us a comment below if you have any other helpful cleaning tips for our readers. 

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