How To Create Space In Your Small Home

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Is your home smaller than you would like it to be? You’re probably not alone. While many of us may dream of living in palaces or stately homes, the fact of the matter is that our homes are probably a lot more modest than that. If you live in a city, space is probably even more of a luxury 

Making the most out of the little space that you have takes creativity and sharp thinking. There are ways of living in your condensed space without feeling as though you are completely crammed in. 

Let’s talk about space and how you can make your home appear more spacious and less cluttered. 

Look For Space Saving Solutions 

The problem with smaller properties is that you don’t really have a great deal of space to store all of your possessions. Over our lives, we collect a lot of possessions. You may not realize quite how much you own until you have to try and squeeze it into a small home. One option may be to try and downsize and sell some of the possessions that you own. However, a more productive solution may be to try and create some storage areas in your home that are neatly concealed. 

Very often in a smaller home, floor space may be at a premium. By the time you get your bigger pieces of furniture such as your beds, leather sofas, and dining tables into position, there is not much room for cupboards and other storage. 

Where possible, have wall units fitted. A bathroom cabinet with a mirrored door can be very useful as it serves three purposes; storage, a handy mirror to use while washing, and a way of making the room appear bigger than it is. 

Look out for multi-purpose furniture that has its own inbuilt storage. For instance, you may find sofas, beds, and tables that all have their own storage areas under them. A piece of furniture that is well-designed will be able to store quite a lot. 

Using built-in wall units that run floor-to-ceiling will be helpful for storing a vast amount of your possessions. These can be built up in bedrooms or living rooms and with the use of sliding doors, you can hide away all of your items so that the room doesn’t look cluttered or claustrophobic. 

Using Light To Create The Illusion of Space

If you have darker walls in your home, it may feel like they are closing in on you. In a home with limited space, this makes a small home feel even smaller. Pick a lighter colour to paint to help you to create a feeling of space. If you can, go for as much white as possible and make sure that you let natural light in to make the room look even bigger. 

Additional light sources and mirrors will all increase the illusion of space and should be made use of as much as possible. 

*Contributed Post

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