Cut Down On The Costs Of Moving House (And Reduce Stress Too!)

Cut Down On The Costs Of Moving House (And Reduce Stress Too!)
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The stress of moving house can get to you really easily. There are so many things to move from one place to another – and you sometimes have a set time frame to do all of this in! If you’re renting an apartment and your landlord tells you to get out, you only have 3 months to find a new place to live and move everything. 


While the timeframe is a big cause of stress, another key factor is the cost of moving. You have to hire removal trucks, get packaging and deal with loads of other stuff. Well, we’re going to take care of one of your stressors today by seeing how to cut down on the costs of moving house. After reading this, you’ll be able to move with minimal expense, making the whole experience less stressful! 


Repurpose old materials for packing

You probably have loads of things lying around the house that can be used as packing boxes. This includes plastic boxes, large tubs, cardboard boxes, etc. 


In fact, if you’re moving house, you may have bought some new furniture or items for the new place. As a result, you’ve got empty boxes to tape shut and use as packing materials during the move. If you repurpose as much stuff as possible, you negate the need to spend money on overpriced packing boxes from removal companies. 

Declutter and reduce your belongings

Be honest, are you a hoarder? 


If you’re unsure, moving house will reveal the answer. You’ll notice so much junk that you’ve not touched in years. So, don’t take this stuff with you? Use this as an opportunity to truly declutter your life. There are loads of decluttering methods to try, but the best is to sort things into piles. Gather everything you need and use regularly. Then, have things you don’t use regularly, but may call upon now and then. In the final pile, you will have all the stuff you never use or haven’t used for the last few months at least. 


You can get rid of all this stuff. Donate it to charity, sell it online to recoup money that funds your move or chuck it in the recycling. You’ll now have less stuff to move, which reduces the cost of moving in a few ways. For one, you need less packing materials. Secondly, you won’t need to spend money on self-storage if you can’t fit all of your old stuff in your new home. Thirdly…well, we’ll discuss the third thing in the final point! 


Hire a van instead of using removalists

With fewer items after decluttering, you can look into short wheel base van hire to get a white van for your move. Here, you can store everything in the van and drive it to your new home. It may require a few trips, but it’s far cheaper than paying for removalists to do it. 


You’ll only need to rent the van for a day, so it’s super cost-effective. Decluttering makes this possible as you might need the van for multiple days if you’re moving too much stuff from house to house. 


After three simple tips, you’ve cut down on the cost of moving house. It’ll be cheaper for you to handle, which also makes it less stressful for everyone involved.

*Contributed Post

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