5 Things to do When You Are Moving House

5 Things to do When You Are Moving House
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Moving house can be tough on you. Not only are you boxing up all of your worldly possessions, but you might also be leaving behind a place that has a lot of your emotions tied up with it. All of this can take its toll physically and mentally. Here are five things you can do to help make your house move easier.

Be Organised

This might sound ridiculous but there are a lot of people who don’t get organised at all when it comes to moving house. There can be a lot of paperwork to sort out if you are buying a house, and some people like to leave it to the last minute. Doing this can add a lot of stress to the moving process that can be easily avoided. Make sure you have a plan in place and keep on top of everything as well as you can.


As tempting as it is to throw everything you own into boxes, it might be a good idea to have a clear out. Sheridan Skips can be used if you have a lot of stuff to remove, and you can put nearly anything in a skip. However, you might want to consider donating old clothes to charity and recycling what you can. This is also a good time to return any items that you have borrowed from friends and family.

Arrange Your Transport

When you are moving, you need to consider how much you will be moving to your new home. You might get away with moving your stuff in the back of your car if it is a few boxes. But if you are moving a lot of stuff, including large furniture items, you might need a removal firm to come in. You may also need to book specialist movers if you have a piano. Booking a moving company needs to be done a few weeks in advance, so as soon as you have your date, start ringing around for quotes and availability.

Disconnect Your Services

If you are responsible for the internet, TV, or phone line, you will need to ensure that they know you are moving house. Depending on the area, you might need to cancel your services completely. You will need to check and see if your new area has cable or if it is satellite and plan accordingly. Make sure that you don’t have any hidden fees for moving your services to a new address or cancelling if they can’t be moved. 

Care for Dependants

If you have kids or pets, you will need to arrange care for them while you move. It might sound like fun, getting the lids involved or having the dog run around while you unpack the van, but the truth is, it is very stressful. As wonderful as our kids and pets are, they can slow down the process on moving day. And this is a day that you need things to go smoothly. If you can, arrange childcare for the day.

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