How to Give Your Home Good Curb Appeal

How to Give Your Home Good Curb Appeal
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Everyone (including potential purchasers) will want to see what’s inside if your home’s curb appeal provides a good first impression. Check out these easy, low-cost curb appeal upgrades that you can complete in a day, a week, or a month.

Sort Out Your Front Door


One of the easiest and simplest ways of making your home look brand new is by making the door look new and modernising it. You can do this in a simple way, the first thing you can do is paint the door, doing this in a bright and bold colour will help it stand out more. You can also change the hardware on the door too, this will make it look new and in good condition. 


Window Cleaning and Painting 


The necessity of cleaning the exterior of your home, including cleaning windows, is one that must be done. Window glass should glitter to attract buyers, and cleaning it will help keep the inside of your property as light as possible. If the paint on your windows is peeling, take your time and make sure you achieve a good finish: When painting around windows, use painter’s tape and remove it while the paint is still wet to prevent cracking.


Bring in some new bark


Mulch not only adds colour and contrast to beds, but it also helps prevent weed growth and keeps the soil moist. Avoid coloured mulches, which may include toxins, and instead choose natural materials such as tree bark or wood chips. Each spring, add about 2 inches of fresh mulch to your beds; it will decompose over time and offer critical organic fertiliser to your plants.


Insert some plants


A little greenery instantly adds a natural element to your home and provides a welcoming entryway. If you don’t have the space for full grass and flowerbeds in your front garden, modest potted plants will suffice. If the room is limited, consider window boxes, hanging baskets, wall-mounted plant pots, or climbing plants. An olive tree and some window boxes give just enough landscaping to brighten up this tiny entrance. You can also consider adding artificial grass to your home’s exterior decor. They look real in many cases and don’t require much maintenance. Install a small patch of artificial grass to infuse vibrancy into your curb appeal. Some households prefer to use small patches of artificial grass as a base for potted plants, and you can do the same, depending on your style and preference.


Make the driveway simple and neat


Having a driveway is a great way to make your home look better and also keeps your car in a safer spot. You can look to do it yourself and see about laying a gravel driveway. This is a simple Do it yourself option. If you do choose to sell your home as well it can be something prospective buyers look out for. 


Avoid Rainwater Pipes At The Front 


Keeping the front of your house as clean as possible improves its appearance and increases its curb appeal. If possible, remove any unused aerials, pipes, and cables from the façade. If you don’t have to, don’t put rainwater pipes at the front of your house. This is easier said than done and requires careful planning, but making your front yard seem nice isn’t an afterthought; it’s essential to how you plan your home renovation. This entails meticulously planning the layout of your interiors and drainage design. If you must have a pipe at the front, attempt to make it a straight vertical run.

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