How To Help Your Child Feel Less Anxious When Joining A New School

How To Help Your Child Feel Less Anxious When Joining A New School
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When the schools go back and your child starts a new school, it can be quite daunting for them. Although not every child has anxiety when starting a new school, many will feel it. It is a common feeling and experience. Yet, your child might think that they are alone. 

To help your child feel more comfortable and confident with the concept of joining a new school, here are some tips.

Get them excited about everything that will be new to them

The best way to combat your child’s fear of joining a new school is to override the negatives with the positives. Although not knowing anyone might be scary, you can let them know of the new school trips and fun activities they will get to experience. 


Replacing the bad thoughts with new and exciting experiences might help them feel more comfortable and maybe even excited about going to a new school.


Help them get prepared

A good way to prevent new school anxiety is to help your child get prepared for the new experience. Going shopping for new shoes and stationary can be a great distraction. 


The shopping experience might make joining a new school feel more real. But, the distraction – along with allowing them to choose their new things – can help them edge towards excitement.


Take them to an open day to meet people

Should you not attend a school’s open day, then you could be missing out on an easy way to prevent new school anxiety. 


Attending an open day allows you and your child the opportunity to meet the teachers, other children joining at the same time, and see the setup of the school. Going on a tour of the school will help your child understand how to get around when they come back for their first day. 


Likewise, you should make sure to make conversation with other parents so that your child can get to know their children. If they join knowing a few children’s names, then they won’t feel so alone. 


Teach them relaxation techniques

Teaching your child relaxation techniques can do wonders for their heightened nerves when the big day comes around. Teaching them to relax and breathe through the unease in their stomachs can help them feel more in control of the experience, which can help them feel more comfortable. 


You should start the practice of relaxation techniques ahead of time so that your child becomes familiar with them and always remembers to use them when they feel anxious. Practice will help and it will encourage them to acknowledge the benefits of deep breathing and relaxation for anxiety. Hence, they can take this practice with them for the first day as well as other times when they feel anxious. 


Whether or not your child is anxious about joining a new school, it is important to be there for them and support them. Helping them get prepared and excited for what’s to come might help them override their anxiety with positive emotions.  


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