My Glamour Christmas Zoom Room!

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This year, the pandemic is changing our Christmas plans. The traditional family reunion on Christmas Day or Boxing Day is unlikely to happen. But that doesn’t mean your Christmas decor doesn’t matter. You need to prepare for your festive Zoom meetings. 

What is the optimal Christmas Zoom setting? 

An elf on a shelf! 

A Christmas tree!

A Sanat’s hat!

While all these are suitable answers – and let’s be honest, they’re likely to appear in your virtual family meeting too – you also need to prepare your home for the camera. You may not be receiving any guests this year, but you’ll still need to clean your home as if you were! Why so? Because it’s going to show on camera. 

The living room is the best room for a casual chat with your relatives and friends. Therefore, if you want to enhance the Christmas spirit, it’s a good idea to add some subtle seasonal touches to the decor. You can keep the Christmas tree visible in the background. If you’re Zooming from your laptop, try to place it a little away from you. The coffee table is a great spot because it is safe and flat. Create a festive focus by aligning a few Christmas ornaments on the table so that they sit just on the edge of the camera view. They’ll frame the picture nicely!

And now, make everyone look good on camera! 

Never without a cosy drink

Do you know that sensation when you meet people and you don’t know what to do with your hands? It can create a sense of awkwardness. The best way to appear confident is to give your hands something to do, such as holding a drink. It’s no wonder that meeting friends in a bar or a coffee shop is so popular! On a casual Zoom meeting, you are likely to experience the same issue. Therefore, you can address the problem in the same way by giving your hands a glass or a cup to hold. Why not brew a lovely cup of coffee or tea before the call? You’ll instantly appear more relaxed and natural on camera! 

A last-minute sofa update

Sitting on a sofa is comfortable, but you’ll appear slumped on camera. And that’s nobody’s best angle! If the sofa has been needing an update for a long time, it’s probably a good idea to give in. Shops such as Dreamo ship furniture within 24 hours of purchase, so you’re guaranteed to receive it before Christmas. Or you can also have a look on eBay for second-hand leather sofas, which can also be delivered rapidly. If changing the sofa isn’t an option, create a firm seat and back support with some cushions and throws. 

Let it be light

The right light can completely transform your appearance on camera. However, improving the lighting in the living room can be tricky. There are only so many lighting options available! But you can invest in a ring light, an LED circle that can soften shadows and even out your tone. Nobody wants to look either like a pale ghost or like they live in a basement on camera. So complementary lighting is the way forward! 

Are you ready to invite your family to a Zoom Boxing Day? Put your best festive jumper on, brew a cuppa, and dial in! Merry cyber Christmas everyone!

*Contributed Post

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