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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning? 

Whether you are a busy mum trying to build a career, a stay-at-home mummy, or a childless professional, it doesn’t matter. Chances are, your mind is already wired to be stressed out from the moment you open your eyes. Don’t believe it? Here’s a thing that will make you change your mind. The most common thoughts when people wake up reflect:

  • Their tiredness level
  • Stressful events or appointments to come
  • Stressful events or appointments that belong to the past
  • Anxiety about tardiness


In other words, if you’ve ever woke up thinking you’re still tired or worrying about that big meeting with a client, then it means that your first thought was negative. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. Our surroundings and lifestyle choices can deeply influence our minds, making it more difficult to look at the bright side of life. But, more often than not, simple everyday tricks can work wonders to help you rewire your mind gradually. Will they bring overnight success? Probably not. But they will give you the mental and emotional strength to make it happen if it’s what you want. 

Stop piling responsibilities on yourself

You have every right to take a break, whether you are a stay-at-home mum, an office worker, or a self-employed contractor. It doesn’t matter what your day-to-day routine looks like. The mind needs a break to recharge itself. Many self-employed individuals worry about justifying money loss. But the truth is that nothing can replenish your mental health. If you are going to remain a successful self-employed individual, you need to know how to take time off for yourself. 

Similarly, stay-at-home mothers often feel guilty about taking a day off their routines to enjoy an afternoon in town without children in tow. But, looking after little ones 24/7 is a demanding task. It is not only physically exhausting, but it also is a mental challenge every day. You need some me-time to enjoy a moment of peace. You are entitled to take a break and leave the kids to the grandparents or a childminder for a day. It doesn’t make you a lesser mum. 

Even office employees worry about justifying a day off. They are concerned about what co-workers might think or whether it will affect their promotion chances in the long term. Yet, most employees work longer hours, sometimes accumulating over 10 hours a day in unpaid overtime. Let it be clear: Even if overtime were paid, it wouldn’t replace the free time you are losing. You deserve a day for yourself. 

What can you achieve with a day off? A day away from the routine work and grind soothes your mind. It is a day where you don’t have to think about your responsibilities, which means you can go to bed feeling more relaxed. 

Make it easy to feel confident

Your self-confidence is at its lowest in the morning, especially if you need to get up early. You are likely to have a puffy face from sleep and struggle to get ready through a haze of tiredness. So, you may want to make some changes in your bedroom and bathroom to bring your morning confidence to the next level. 

First of all, adjusting your bedtime routine is crucial. People need, on average, 8 hours of sleep every night. Therefore, making sure you can go to bed early enough will help you get up in a good mood in the morning! You can also change your alarm clock for a gentle wake-up call. Alarm clocks are often loud. They also increase your stress level by waking you up abruptly. Instead, it can be a good idea to look for alarms inspired by light therapy best practices. They imitate natural sunlight to pre-warn your brain. As a result, you wake up feeling refreshed and at peace. 

Finally, a soft bathroom area can help with the morning routine. Elegant LED bathroom mirrors, for example, can prevent the aggressive lightbulb light in the early hours of the morning. The light in the bathroom typically reflects on the shower or bathtub tiles, creating a bright and unpleasant environment for your sleepy eyes. It makes you look pale and tired and aggravate little skin concerns you wouldn’t notice otherwise. But if you can use a mirror with LED light until your eyes adjust, you are less likely to start the day with a blinding shock. It gently helps you wake up and get ready, so you can feel more in control of your appearance and your time. 

Once you start showing kindness to yourself in the morning, you can gradually notice how your day improves. Little things can go a long way! Of course, your diet and the rest of your morning routine can help boost your mood. But the first gestures of the day are just as important!

*Contributed post

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