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For some of us, the classical and neo-traditional styles for home interiors is homely and intricate. However, you are saying that you appreciate these styles and therefore the time periods for what they were trying to achieve. Inadvertently you’re therefore leaving behind the present day and with it, the possibility of engaging with contemporary styles also. Maybe it gives people a sense of belonging and feeling like their homes hold a worth more than just money and property size. On the other hand it might just be that these styles are powerful and secure a meaning in culture and civilization. For someone that wants to be ‘in the now’ and relish in what the styles of the present day have to offer, this is simply the opposite. If you’re this kind of person, that wants to keep their home in keeping with the times, but also take a little inspiration from the modern style that is largely influencing the styles of today, then you’re in luck. Both the modern and contemporary styles are the most popular right now, therefore there are many iterations but also, they’re cheaper. The demand is high, therefore supply is plentiful. The question is, can you style your home in these modes of thought?

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Start with the established

The funny thing about living room style these days, is that it’s not actually new. For those that don’t know what the difference is between contemporary and modern style, this is a simple way of thinking about it. Modern is the styles that appeared from the 1960s to around 2000. They can be determined as postmodern as they approve clean crisp lines, squared edges and a love affair with neutral colors. Contemporary styles are of the now, quite literally changing all the time. These are the present day styles that are evolving, being born and fading away and pretty much trying to make an impact in any way.

So, when looking at your living room would you rather guess or have some kind of basic form? Well, it’s the living room which is a place of leisure but also where you might hold meetings or have guests over. In this case it’s advisable to go with something that is sure of itself. The modern style is therefore the best choice. Consider getting a low-seating sofa with clean lines. Low sofas have small vertical cushions or rather back support, as they only come up to the middle of your spine. However, they compensate for this with large base cushions so you can easily sit cross-legged without having your feet or knees hang over the edge. Although, you could get a low sofa in a pearl white, or a dusty grey, or even a light lilac, you should also consider getting the sofa in a beige shade. It’s a little lighter but adds a depth to the rest of the living room that is already quite neutral.

The popular standard

Nowhere else in the modern world will you see a great clash of the modern and contemporary styles than in the workplace. Just look at all the offices around the world, and you’ll see sharp edges and clean lines. The broad desks of senior figures in business is perhaps the greatest example. Although they are large and straight from many if not all angles, they have a desire to inject contemporary standards. Modern materials are therefore used and many of them for one office desk. Not only is this a show of craftsmanship, but also how far we have come as a civilization whereby we can mix metals, glass, wood, synthetic fibers and plastics.

For your home office, this kind of desk would be brilliant to add. The most contemporary style of office or executive desk is made from tempered glass. Usually one single sheet that is thin but large. However, the legs don’t actually have to be legs. The modern style comes back and plays it’s part by supporting the glass sheet by becoming a small drawer, where you can keep your papers and other things in. And here is the part where you can get creative. The material of the supports can be anything. Be it glass, wood, metal or a mix, you can decide on what will keep the glass aloft. The color again, doesn’t have to be neutral although dominant tones like black are quite popular. Yet, many times you’ll also see metallic leg supports as they go well with any material.

Levelling up

The spine of the home never gets the attention it deserves. Maybe because the stairs are just a practical part of the home, we can think of them as not worthy of actually being styled. Even if you are dead intent on restyling your home, the staircase is probably going to be very low on your list of things-to-do. Staircases are overlooked because they are a transitional bridge to the downstairs and upstairs. You’re never on the stairs for that long, so why spend money trying to incorporate them into your decor right? Well, this is the opposite way of thinking that the best homes have. Some of the most recognizable buildings and homes in the world, treat their staircases as authority figures. The fact that the home has multiple floors of opulence should be celebrated on the very journey to and from them. Therefore you have grand staircases, made of marble and mahogany.

But, modern and contemporary styles turn their noses up at those traditional and classic styles. Instead, your staircase can be a mark of what the entire interior of your home is all about. Keep it simple and allow materials to shine. Change your carpet staircase into one that is made up of individual wood planks called the floating staircase. These can be made from oak, beechwood, yew, or any other kind that is not too expensive. Varnish them into a deep or light hue. They should be attached to the wall, and or a metal support rail. This can either run alongside it or underneath; the latter is by far the most contemporary choice. Therefore you have a mix, as the singular planks are modern, but the support design is contemporary.

Simple is comfortable

Think about the modern home in terms of the present day, whereof all the parts in the home do you find the modern and contemporary styles in total harmony? The bathroom of course! Here you find that neutral colors have been glorified to the utmost. White is absolutely drenched all over the shower and bathroom. Everywhere you look there are white floors, walls, toilets, showers, cabinets, sinks, drawers, and even toilet brush holders. Maybe it’s because white bounces off the most light and therefore allows the person in the bathroom to see everything clearly. Something that is taken serious here because if you have shampoo in your eyes, you don’t want to be surrounded by darkness or colors that don’t reflect natural or electric light very well. On the other hand, it could be because white looks the cleanest and therefore the most sanitary. Regardless of this phenomenon, the modern and contemporary styles are infused so well here.

Consider giving a reputable bathroom company a call or email, and take a look at what kind of styles they dabble in. According to the 324 reviews left behind, the service is 4.72 out of 5 stars. Therefore the quality of fit and finish should be of a high standard. Their square and rectangle designs of the sinks are practical as they provide the most space. The mixture of various materials is akin to the contemporary style whereby interior design is not so much about design itself but rather how wood, metal, fabric, carpet and glass go together. Other materials like ceramic are extremely popular in the bathroom as they are thin, strong and easy to clean. For the toilet itself, the contemporary design is used with a half oval shape for the seat, and a rotund tall rectangle flush box.

Inspired to resolve

The contemporary style owes a lot to the modern style, as it takes pretty much everything from it. However it isn’t just the decor of the home that can be changed in both of these styles, it’s the interior design also. Part and parcel, these styles are encouraging a simplistic approach to living. Therefore, wherever you have a problem in the home you should look to these styles to resolve them with the most basic solution possible. This is why open floor plans are almost always in either the modern or contemporary style. You will never seen an open plan taking inspiration from the Georgian or Vichy France period will you? Therefore, understand that at the base of these twins, they take something intricate and make it simple to inspire a simpler way of living.

If you want to live in a home that maximizes space and uplifts simple style, then make your acquaintance with the modern style. However, if you want to keep clean lines and neutral colors but want to be in the present day then, make use of materials like metal and glass.

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