Teach The Children About Charity With These Hints!

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Given that we are heading full pelt towards Christmas, the importance has to be placed upon charity after the year we have all had. We’ve dealt with a pandemic this year, and we are firmly ensconced in history as a result. With Christmas just around the corner, the children will be excited about all things Father Christmas and decorations, Christmas trees and fairy lights. They’ll be excited for the mince pie and carrot they’ll leave on Christmas night and their Advent calendar every day. The thing is, this is all about receiving something – which is natural for children. But what about giving?

In the spirit of Christmas, your children need to learn what charity is and why we must involve ourselves with it. We have to impress upon children that there is more to Christmas than receiving all the gifts and chocolates available to them. It’s up to us to show them that there is much more to life than taking from someone else. So, how can you teach your children about charity?

  • Consider Donating Clothes. When it comes to giving something from children, you need to explain why you are doing something and why they must do it, too. Have your children go through their own clothes if they’re old enough, and they can put aside the things that they’d like to donate. Explain why they are donating clothes and the value of the clothing to someone who doesn’t have any. When you drop them off to a charitable organization, explain what the charity does and why they are being helpful.
  • Help Your Neighbors. If your children are of teen age, then go around to the neighbors and offer their help with the garden or cleaning the car. It won’t be for money, but to learn how to give to others. You can even bake for those who are alone and senior, to help them to feel included and taken care of. Explaining to the children why giving without anything in return is important will help them to understand!
  • Take On A Challenge. Children may be brought up around fundraisers, but how about getting them involved in one? Taking on a challenge, such as the Lands End to John O Groats challenge, can give them a purpose and help them to feel like they have achieved something at the same time. A challenge can help to raise some money for a good cause that you choose together, too.
  • Donate Blood. When you go to donate blood, take the kids with you. Talk to the children about why you donate blood and what it accomplishes when you do it. You can explain how blood helps, and to whom your blood type will help. They can then take inspiration as they get older!

Children will never be less excited about Christmas, but if you show them that it can mean something more than just gifts, you’re going to benefit in the long run for raising helpful, open-minded children.

*Contributed Post

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