Upgrade The Bathroom With These Tips

Upgrade The Bathroom With These Tips
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The bathroom is often the most neglected room in the home because of the fact that it’s so small – people forget about it during their renovation plans. After you buy your home, you’re likely to have a ton of ideas about what you want to do with the place, and your bathroom really does need to be on your radar! 

Whether you are looking to change up the whole bathroom with a whole new floor or you choose to transform your tissue box with a rattan cover, you can make so many awesome changes to your bathroom that really will make a difference. Your bathroom should reflect your personal style and it should make you feel good whenever you walk into the room. You don’t have to spend more to make more, and there are so many upgrades that you can make in your bathroom that will make an instant difference. With that in mind, here are some changes that will be transformative for your bathroom space. 

  1. Swap out the mirror. If you have one of those standard mirrors in your bathroom, it’s time for a change. You know the one: it’s round and has a white or cream frame? So many bathrooms have that standard round mirror, but yours doesn’t have to! Change out the mirror and get rid of the old one safely. Instead, choose a different shape, or change the entire wall into a mirror with tiles!
  2. Change the tile colour. Speaking of tiles, you should think about the wall tiles you have in the shower! You would be surprised how going from white tiles to another colour entirely can make such a difference to the space. For example, black tiles make your bathroom look instantly classy!
  3. Remove all the wallpaper. If your bathroom has some funky 80s wallpaper, it’s time for a change. Use a steamer and remove it all, sand down any bumps and fill any gaps. You can then paint over the walls and get rid of the out of date wallpaper. You can bring your bathroom into the new century in an instant when you do this. You can always enjoy a retro feel with your vanity, but the bathroom walls will be far more modern!
  4. Change your shower. If you have a walk-in shower in your bathroom, you can really make a difference when you convert the bathroom into more of a wet room, and you can then get rid of the shower doors. Instead, you can use the cash you would have spent on shower doors to upgrade the shower fitting instead. You can go for that rainforest shower you’ve been wanting for a while, and you won’t regret the time that you spend changing the shower and how it looks because of how it can add to your comfort. 
  5. Add some storage. Lastly, one of the best upgrades you can add to your bathroom is in the storage you add! From the units you mount to the wall to the open shelving, your bathroom will look far cleaner with sharper lines if you upgrade the storage.
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