Turning Your Family Bathroom into a Luxurious Home Spa

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Most family bathrooms are functional, a little cluttered, maybe even a little messy. Let’s face it, once you’ve got kids (and perhaps a husband!) you are fighting a losing battle when it comes to toothpaste marks on the sink and towels hanging neatly. You probably share your relaxing bubble bath with at least one bath toy and trying to find some peace to get ready in the morning might be impossible. 

This is a shame. Modern life is stressful, especially at the moment. Many of us are juggling. We’re keeping everything up in the air, trying to make sure our families are healthy and happy and that there is food on the table. What we need more than anything to keep us going is a little time to relax, unwind, and even pamper ourselves. 

A long soak in a hot bath filled with soft and fragrant bubbles is perfect. It’s time away from family life and work for yourself. A chance to savour a glass of wine, indulge in a new book or lose yourself (safely!) in your latest binge-watch. A bubble bath is more than a chance to get clean; it’s a restorative pleasure. 

Turning your practical and messy family bathroom into a luxurious home spa might seem impossible. Perhaps it is. But, there’s a lot that you can do to move in the right direction. 

Get a Second Bathroom

Ok, this is a bit extreme, and certainly not an option for all of us. But, if you’ve got space, or have been considering an extension, adding a bathroom can be ideal. Alternatively, if you’ve got a small en-suite, ask yourself if this could be turned into the family bathroom? Or if you could have room for a corner tub if you moved things around a little?

Keep it Clean

Keeping a family bathroom clean can be difficult. But, there are a few things that you can do to make it easier. Read these helpful tips when cleaning bathrooms to make sure you are doing things well, and saving yourself time. Then, try to get into a routine with cleaning, so that the bathroom is always done on the same day. 

If your children are young, you may find that adding a toy shelf or drawer that they can easily reach to tidy things away, making sure they’ve got easy access to the things that they need, by adding a step, to prevent unnecessary mess, and teaching them good habits from the start, can help. 

Of course, the ultimate goal might be hiring a cleaner, which, if you can afford it, can be an excellent idea!

Add a Deep Bath

Most modern baths seem to have been designed for short people. It’s hard to relax in a hot bath if your knees are sticking out. Invest in a deeper tub so that you can relax fully, and soothe your achy muscles. 

Keep it Well-Stocked

A well-stocked bathroom is vital if you want to be able to enjoy it. You’ll want a good supply of the essentials such as soap and toothpaste, but you should also make sure you’ve got some more luxurious options and special treats. Homemade face masks and hair masks can also be useful. 

Add Some Plants

Plants are relaxing. They improve our mood and help us to feel calm and peaceful. They can even help to control humidity and improve the air quality in your room. Some of the best plants for a home bathroom include ferns, bamboo and aloe. 

Include Texture

Thick, fluffy floor mats, soft, luxurious towels, and comfortable robes hanging on your door can help your bathroom to feel cosy and inviting. 

Don’t be Scared of Colour

There’s no rule that your bathroom must be blue. Include colour where you can, don’t be scared to add bold patterns to your tiles or towels, and consider using copper and rose gold on your fixtures to add warming details. 

Use Lighting to Add Atmosphere

Lighting is the best way to change the atmosphere in your home, and this is no different in the bathroom. 

No one wants to bathe in the dark, but bright overhead lights aren’t always the best when you want to chill out and unwind. Candles can be ideal, and if you can afford it, adding a dimmer to your main light can give you easy options. 

Your family bathroom needs to provide everything that your family needs to stay clean and healthy. But, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a place for you to treat yourself to a home pamper session. 

*contributed post

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