How You Can Change How Your Home Looks and Feels

How You Can Change How Your Home Looks and Feels
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We’ve all been there, where we want to mix things up at home but don’t have the time, money, or inclination to do a complete refurbishment. Sometimes we don’t need to make major changes and repairs, but we’d like to still switch things up and change how our home looks. 

The same situation might crop up if you don’t want to move house, but do want more space or to change how your property feels.

In this case, you don’t have to bite the bullet and renovate your home, but you can still make it seem as though you’ve massively changed your property. Here are a few changes that make a world of difference.

Paint and Wallpaper

Your walls are a bit like a massive blank canvas in your home. There’s so much room to explore and play around with different styles, and it’s not a huge investment of time or money either. 

The simplest option is to embrace the neutral look. Even plain white, cream, or grey walls can look good, especially when paired with more eclectic decor and wall hangings. 

But you can have fun with your paint and wallpaper too. Feature walls, where one wall is a brighter, darker, or more patterned colour are always a good way to draw attention to a part of the room without feeling overwhelming. But there’s nothing wrong with experimenting on all of the walls in a room as well.

The important thing is that you like it.


The floor can often get overlooked and covered up, but it can have a surprising impact on how a room looks and feels. Carpets tend to be brilliant for cosier rooms like living rooms and bedrooms, as they make a room feel warm.

But hard floors are also a good option, they are usually easy to clean and hard-wearing. You can break up flooring with rugs as well, which gives you some of the benefits of a good carpet. 


You can do a surprising amount with the lighting in your room. Natural lighting through windows is often a great way to make a room feel warmer and larger all at once, and mirrors can do a great job of reflecting natural light.

But you can also control artificial lighting in certain ways for different effects. Light and shade controls give you far more control over how brightly lit your home is, allowing you to dim the lights for a more relaxed vibe or brighten things up as you want to.

Wall Art and Furnishings

Finally, you can complete a room with the wall art and furnishings you choose. This is what brings your style together and essentially gives the room a stamp to show that it’s all yours.

You can completely switch wall art and furnishings throughout the house as well, which changes how things look and feel with almost no effort and no expense. Simply be creative and have fun with what you can do with what you have.

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