How Light And Shade Controls Can Enhance Your Home

How Light And Shade Controls Can Enhance Your Home
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There are moments you will need light or shade in and around your home. These needs are determined by the weather, cost, indoor or outdoor activities, time of day, and so on. The discussion below explores the importance of both in the home. More importantly, it seeks to draw your attention to how lighting and shading, when used effectively, can enhance your home. Statistics show that 50% of UK households have issues with energy-saving measures, and this information may also be helpful in that regard.

  • Offer protection for your home furnishing

Many people look forward to basking in the sun at the beach every year. However, the sun can be a double-edged sword. Its effects on your home and furnishing can cause considerable damage. The thing is, deterioration happens over time, and you may not know until it gets that bad. Home furnishings like paintings, carpets, furniture, coloured curtains, and so on can fade over time. Those vibrant colours you used to admire will lose their appeal when you don’t take measures to reduce their exposure to the sun.

Indeed, you cannot control how much heat the sun generates. However, you can control how much sunlight infiltrates your interiors. You can start by getting blinds & shutters from Premium Blinds for your windows. They control how much sunlight streams into your rooms by providing efficient shading. Thanks to technology, some are motorised, allowing you to set specific times when they are activated or deactivated. Over time, your home’s furnishing will be protected from rapid deterioration.

  • Save energy in your home

According to the site, 10% of the UK population leaves lights on even when not in use. This costs over £14 million of wasted energy daily. The best thing to do is get proactive about your home’s energy-saving measures. Investing in an intelligent lighting system can save you some money at the end of the month.

Monthly energy savings may seem like nothing until you calculate everything annually. Furthermore, you can save energy in the long run by avoiding artificial lighting during the day. The more lighting you use, the more you will pay in bills. Again, with the right shading, you may not need to rely so much on the HVAC system to cool your rooms. The blockage of light and heat helps maintain ideal indoor temperatures.

  • Helps to boost security

Lighting in your home can serve as a deterrent against break-ins. Automated lighting can create the impression of an occupied house on days you are not home or gone for long periods. According to data, a potential burglar is twice likely to break into a poorly lit property or one without any lighting. It might explain why many UK households are investing in automated and sensor lighting systems.

According to reports, 2.22 million smart homes in the UK use automated lighting to enhance security. When you are indoors, the last thing you want is to be seen by others outside the home. However, with quality shadings like blinds and shutters, you can enjoy privacy and enhanced security. Lighting and shading control are essential to every home. Therefore, keeping that on top of your home enhancement list pays in short to long term.

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