Why Travelling While You’re Pregnant Could Be Rewarding

Travelling Whilst Pregnant

Why Travelling While You’re Pregnant Could Be Rewarding

Travelling might be the last thing on your mind when you’re pregnant, but did you know it could be hugely beneficial for both you and your partner?

A pre-baby holiday, now known as a babymoon, gives you both the chance to relax and reconnect before your lives change forever, and is something you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. Read on to get some inspiration and find out why travelling during pregnancy can be so rewarding.

  1. You can take a break

We all need to get away from everyday life from time to time, and this is no different when you’re pregnant and have a new arrival to plan for. As such, travelling is an ideal way to escape the daily grind.

You might want to avoid baby talk, or you might want to talk about the baby non-stop — it’s up to you, but whatever you end up doing, you’ll be glad to have a breather from stress and worry. It’s good for your mental and physical well being, so leave the to-do list behind for a few days and cut yourself some slack.

(Want to know some more ways to survive stress in pregnancy? Baby Centre’s guide has got you covered.)

Travelling Whilst Pregnant

  1. You can spend quality time with your partner

Your holiday doesn’t need to be extravagant (unless you want it to be). What’s important is that you can spend uninterrupted time with each other. It’s the ideal time to talk about your hopes, plans, and fears, and reflect on the kind of parent you’d like to be. Having a baby will change your dynamic as a couple, so connection is important and will make those early months more smooth-sailing.

  1. You can enjoy doing what you want

Whether you’re keen to explore your destination or just want to sit by the pool, how you spend your time while travelling is entirely up to you. This won’t be the case when you have a baby to look after — family holidays will have to be meticulously planned — so make the most of the opportunity to be spontaneous.

Travelling Whilst Pregnant

  1. You can still see a different part of the world

If your pregnancy has been free from complications and you’re in good health, then a holiday abroad is still a possibility. Make an appointment with your GP so they can confirm you’re clear to travel — check out Holidaysafe’s pregnancy travel guide for a list of everything the doctor’s letter needs to contain — and book your trip for the second semester if possible. You’ll be less likely to feel exhausted and hormonal, and you’ll enjoy yourself all the more.

You’ll need to be more careful when it comes to food and activities, but you can still get to know a new place and learn about a completely different culture. Read the NHS guide to foods you can and cannot eat during pregnancy, so you can enjoy local dishes in confidence.

  1. You can get some well-earned rest

Pregnancy can be hard work — you feel tired, nauseous, and are growing a human being, after all. Use your travel time to chill out and get some precious sleep. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed before your little one arrives, and you’ll be ready to take on everything motherhood throws at you.

Love as always!

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