Updating the Kitchen on a Budget

Updating the Kitchen on a Budget

Updating the Kitchen on a Budget

Currently my kitchen is the room that I want to update the most, this is because it has become a real hub for my family and often it is the first room my friends see when they come around. Looking at my kitchen I would love to redecorate the whole room but for budget and convenience reasons I am only updating parts of the kitchen.

A Lick of Paint

One way of making a noticeable change to your kitchen space is by painting your kitchen cupboards (if they are wood). A task that is only for the brave changing the colour of your cupboards can really give the room a needed facelift. I wish I was brave enough to paint my cupboards a different colour like the beautiful blue design below. But to keep things safe I’m planning on opting for a white as this will brighten the room and match our current décor better.  

Kitchen budget

Tap Update

One of the first things I want to change in my Kitchen is the tap. Not only does it look really outdated but it is also beginning to leak slightly. Although I know I could try to fix the tap to prevent the leak it is such an outdated tap I don’t think it would be worth the cost of getting a plumber out to try. Also, I really like the idea of having a tap with a pull out spout as it would make washing up super easy. I started looking online at potential options for a new kitchen tap and was really impressed with the choice and prices on Superbath, especially on Hansgrohe and Grohe Kitchen Taps as these high quality brands can cost so much more.

Tiles, Tiles on the Wall

Tiles have to be one of my favourite décor trends of 2018. Not only are they super practical for stopping water from the tap splashing on the wall but they also come in so many different cute designs. Again, I plan to go for white tiles to keep things clean looking (and the house appealing to most buyers, as it is going on the market soon?). But if I were to be decorating for myself, I would definitely play around with geometric shape tiles to create interesting patterns on the wall.

Love as always!

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