Keeping Warm During The Winter Months

Keeping Warm During The Winter Months
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The winter months are upon us, and it’s at this time of year that the temperature really starts to plummet. As it gets colder outside, keeping warm can be much more of a challenge – especially if you live in an older style house with less insulation. There is nothing worse than struggling with the cold so I have put together a few tips that can help you keep warm this winter:

Keep Doors Closed Inside

Where possible, try and keep connecting doors between rooms closed. By doing this, you will find the temperature of the room rises much faster and feels much warmer. Open doors are just a way for heat to escape, so keep it contained where you can, and you will feel the difference.

Invest in Thick & Heavy Curtains

The cold from the glass in windows can really impact the temperature of a room. Thick and heavy curtains help keep the heat of the room in and the cold from the windows out.

Check for Drafts

Drafts are the most common way that heat escapes from a room, yet they are quite common particularly in older houses. Check for any drafts and try and block them off either with heavy curtains as mentioned previously or a draft excluder for doors. Reducing the places where heat can escape will mean a room gets up to temperature much quicker, and it will reduce the likely hood of the temperature dropping.

Update Your Heating Where Possible

You really need to assess the quality of your heating system. If your heating is poor quality, then it will be much harder to get a room warm and can often cost excessive amount s too. If you have the funds available to invest in a good quality up to date heating system then of course upgrading this should be your first port of call. However, as much as this is the most apparent solution, it isn’t exactly the most practical. Heating systems are a significant expense which just may not be possible or if you are renting it may not even be an option at all.

If upgrading the primary heating system isn’t viable, then investing in a portable heating source such as an oil-filled radiator could be a solution. Oil-filled radiators are much more affordable, and their portability means you can move them from room to room as necessary. There are many different options available to suit your needs like this one from At Home Comforts.

Dress Appropriately

It seems obvious but wearing an extra layer, long sleeves and socks can help maintain your core temperature, which avoids you getting too cold.

Use an Electric Blanket

There is nothing worse than getting into a cold bed in winter. If you can an electric blanket switched on before bed can really help get the bed warm in advance. If this option isn’t available to you, then try a filling a hot water bottle and putting it in bed before you get in!

Do you have any tips for keeping warm in the winter months? I’d love to hear them below.

*Collaborative Post

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