Making Sure Your Money Isn’t Wasted When Buying Gifts

Making Sure Your Money Isn’t Wasted When Buying Gifts
*This is a commissioned post in collaboration with Wicked Uncle

Over the years our extended family has grown as our relatives have begun their own families. There doesn’t seem to be a month that goes by without a birthday or other event to buy for. With children ranging in ages finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Wicked Uncle has written a useful post: Brilliant Toys and Gifts for 9-Month-Old Babies in 2020 that is full of useful ideas when it comes to buying gifts. I’ve also put together a few tips below that might help make sure your money is well spent and not wasted when it comes to gifting.

Suggest A Wish or Gift List

I love it when I attend a wedding, and there is a gift list to buy from. It’s not that I’m lazy (busy perhaps), but if I’m spending money I want to make sure it’s on something that will be cherished and not discarded! I feel the same about birthdays and other events. Gifts can be expensive, especially if you have a large family to buy for so you want to make sure your money is being well spent!

A few years ago, at a family gathering, it transpired that one of our nephews had received three copies of the same book! It wasn’t a massive issue as receipts were kept, so the gift was easily exchanged, but it wasn’t the first-time duplicates had happened. We all made comment on the difficulty of purchasing so we decided that going forward we would create gift or wish lists for our children much the same as you would for a wedding. Since doing this it has not only reduced the risk of duplicate gifts to zero but it takes the hassle and stress out of buying a gift too! The recipient gets something they actually want, and the buyer’s money isn’t wasted!

Club Together with Other Family Members

As children get older, their taste in gifts tends to become much more expensive! A great way to conquer this without breaking the bank is to consider clubbing together with other family members to buy items that are a little over your budget! Again, this is another win-win scenario because it means the recipient gets something they want or need and you know your money has been well spent.

Buy Experiences Over Items

In every family, there is that kid that has everything making it impossible to think of something they haven’t already got. Or there is the kid that doesn’t know what they want. You know the one? They just shrug every time you ask them. These children can be the hardest to buy for, and if you aren’t careful, you are sure to just waste your money. In this situation, my go-to is an experience rather than an item. Something like a football stadium tour or animal experience at the zoo. In a world where we all seem to have too much “stuff,” this can be a great solution.

Gift Cards, Vouchers & Cash

My absolute last resort when it comes to present buying is a voucher, gift card or cash. I feel like it’s so impersonal and somewhat lazy, but there are times when it is just essential. If you are at a complete loss or you a buying for an age that is difficult, a gift card can be well received. Although it appears that little thought has gone into it as a gift, it means the recipient (or their parent or carer) can purchase something they actually want or need which means you avoid wasting your money entirely.

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to present buying for family and friends? I’d love to hear them below!

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*This is a commissioned post in collaboration with Wicked Uncle

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