aden + anais x Disney Mickey’s 90th Metallic Collection

aden + anais x Disney Mickey's 90th Metallic Collection

As a family, we definitely have Disney Fever, and we have visited Disneyland on more than one occasion. It’s safe to say we all adore Mickey Mouse and all of the magic he envelops. It’s hard to believe that this year is Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday! I grew up with this iconic black mouse as are my children and he is still as popular as ever. To celebrate Mickey’s 90th anniversary the wonderful aden + anais have brought out the aden + anais x Disney Mickey’s 90th metallic collection, and it is absolutely stunning!

aden + anais

aden + anais are renowned for their gorgeous, soft and breathable high-quality muslins. Their swaddles are my absolute favourite they are a perfect size, shape and feel perfect from newborn and beyond. Their collection now stems further than just swaddles, and they do such a gorgeous collection of sleeping bags, blankets and bibs all made to that same high quality they make excellent gifts and items to treasure. Recently we were sent a few items from the aden + anais x Disney Mickey’s 90th Metallic Collection, and we couldn’t be happier.

aden + anais x Disney Mickey’s 90th Metallic Collection

Two of my favourite things aden + anais and Mickey Mouse together in one collection is like a dream come true and the aden + anais x Mickey’s 90th metallic collection does not disappoint. This is the first ever aden + anais metallic Disney baby collection, and it’s absolutely a unique collection to have. The metallic details and Disney design combined with the high quality and cotton that aden + anais go perfectly together.

aden + anais x Disney Mickey's 90th Metallic Collection

Disney Baby Classic Swaddle – Single Swaddle – £19.95

Hugo has been going through a sleep regression, and he won’t settle at night without being swaddled. I know through experience that the best swaddles to use are the aden + anais because they are a great size and very gentle on a babies skin. They aren’t too thick or too thin, and Hugo just settles in them so well. The Disney Baby Classic Swaddle is absolutely stunning. Covered in an iconic Mickey Mouse design with metallic accents it really is beautiful.

Disney Baby Muslin Squares – 3 –pack – £21.95

These muslin squares are 100% cotton, breathable and absorbent. Hugo is a bit of a dribbler at the moment, and we always have a muslin square to hand. Since we have been using the aden + anais squares, we have had so many comments about how cute they are! I have to agree they really are special and I love that they are so soft that Hugo can use them as a security blanket to hold and suck on without any worries of him irritating his new skin.

aden + anais x Disney Mickey's 90th Metallic Collection

Disney Baby Dream Blanket £59.95

The Dream Blanket is my absolute favourite item from the aden + anais x Disney Mickey’s 90th metallic collection, and we use it absolutely every day!! This blanket is huge at 120cm x 120cm it’s perfect for wrapping around a newborn or toddler and great for cuddling up together on the sofa during those midnight feeds. It’s made up of four layers of 100% cotton muslin, and it’s soft and gentle even after being washed.

aden + anais x Disney Mickey's 90th Metallic Collection dream blanket

There really is no better way to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse than with this gorgeous collection by aden + anais. I am as always really impressed with the design, durability and quality of all of the items we have. We use them every single day, and they are washed regularly with no signs of wear! The full aden + anais x Disney Mickey’s 90th metallic collection is available globally at

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  1. Haillie
    3rd September 2020 / 6:29 pm

    Did the blanket end up holding up?

    • sophiegw
      28th September 2020 / 4:37 pm

      We still use it today! It’s one of my fave baby items x

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