Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym – Review

Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym

Hugo is five months old already, and I’m really not sure where that time has gone. We have struggled with silent reflux, colic and feeding issues. He has suspected CMPA which has resulted in us both cutting dairy from our diet, and we don’t get a whole lot of sleep right now! All in all, it sounds pretty grim but to be honest, I love every second of him being here and although I’d like to change the problems and make things easier for him and me this is the hand we have been dealt. Doom and gloom aside being a mum again after seven years has some incredible highlights too, and one of my favourite things to do is play with Hugo and see him taking in the world. Taf Toys have kindly asked us to work with them over the next few months, and in return, they have sent Hugo a whole bunch of incredible developmental toys which we really couldn’t wait to try out. The first one we have reviewed is the Musical Newborn Cosy Gym.

Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym

Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym

Personally, I find play gyms can be a bit hit and miss. We had one for when Henry was a baby, and it was just an ornament in the corner of the room because he was just never interested in laying in it. I also cracked and bought one for Hugo because when they are in that newborn phase, there isn’t much else they can do, and I hoped it would be a place I could put him down while I enjoyed a warm brew. Of course, that never happened, and he just didn’t get along with it. I did wonder if it was my boys who had the problem and maybe they just weren’t play gym babies!!

When Taf Toys said, they were sending the Musical Newborn Cosy Gym I was a little disheartened. I was apprehensive and thought this was just another toy that would get no use! I was soon to learn that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym

The Musical Newborn Cosy Gym is made of really soft fabric that is padded to support their delicate spine and joints! The mat transforms into a cosy nest by pulling the two tabs at either end. This is an absolute genius invention because creating that cocooned feeling gives newborns a sense of comfort. One thing I found when laying Hugo on a play gym before this was that he would throw his arms out quite startled and generally didn’t look too comfortable. This is because on a flat mat newborns feel very exposed and it’s hard for them to relax and enjoy the play gym for what it is when they are so far out of their comfort zone.

Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym

Even though Hugo is passed that phase of life now, he still loves having the play gym as a nest. There is still plenty of room for him to move, spin and roll but he seems much more content than if the mat was flat. TheMusical Newborn Cosy Gym is a 4 in 1 gym so you can have it in the cosy nest form with or without the play arch, as a full-size gym with the mat flat and you can even use the edge of the nest part for tummy time support.

Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym

Hugo’s Favourite

Hugo really loves spending time in the Musical Newborn Cosy Gym, but his favourite feature has to be the sensory toys that are included. There are four in total a rainbow shaped baby mirror, a musical light toy, a bird with a bell and teether and a penguin-shaped rattle. Hugo finds the toys really easy to grab and hold and they attach to the arches in different places, so you can have them within reaching distance which Hugo has found really entertaining. I never really see the point in having the toys so high up that they can’t actually reach out and touch them!

Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym

The musical light toy requires 2 x AAA (not included.) It uses a pull string to turn on and off, and the lights and music are really engaging for Hugo. The best thing is that it attaches using Velcro and it can also be used on a pushchair or car seat for on the go fun.

Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym

Final Thoughts

There isn’t anything negative I can really say about the play gym in honesty it folds away for easy storage and the mat and toys are both washable. Everything is really well made, and there has been strict attention to detail. The toys are helping encourage Hugo to grab, reach and roll and he is very engaged and content when using the gym. I had not heard of Taf Toys before, but I am really impressed with all aspects of this product I would definitely recommend them.

Taf Toys Musical Newborn Cosy Gym

The Musical Newborn Cosy Gym costs around £69.99 which looking at what I have previously paid is really fair. The extra features of this gym make it worth the investment, and we honestly use it every day which is giving my arms a welcomed break!! If you’d like to find out more and purchase your own, then they are available on the Dunelm, Boots or the Jo Jo Maman Bébé websites.

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  1. Nicola Hughes
    9th November 2018 / 12:55 pm

    It looks really comfortable! I don’t know if we will get one for this baby because like your previous experience, we found that Dex wasn’t *that* interested, but I love how bright and snuggly this one looks.

  2. 21st November 2018 / 9:30 pm

    It does look really comfy and Hugo looks very happy playing in the cosy gym 🙂 Hope you get some decent rest soon, can’t believe he is five months already, that time has flown xx Sim

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