10 Brilliant Tools To Help Improve Mobility As You Get Older

10 Brilliant Tools To Help Improve Mobility As You Get Older
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It is normal and natural that as we get older, we may see some changes to our mobility. It can feel frustrating to struggle with things that were once simple, but it is essential to remember that this is a normal part of getting older, and there are things you can do to help mitigate the impact on your age on your mobility.  

It can help to start these practices while you’re young and maintain them throughout your life. As you age, ensure that you stay aware of the risk factors in your background that could contribute to lowered mobility and take steps to mitigate these factors. Read on for some of the best tools to help you keep your mobility strong as you get older.  

Switch To An Automatic Or Adapted Car 

If you worry that you are less able to drive than you once were, you could invest in an automatic or adapted car that will allow you to continue driving as usual. Automatic cars may be more affordable than adapted cars, so carefully consider your needs when deciding on a new vehicle.  

Keep Exercising Regularly 

Exercise is key to building healthy bones, muscles and joints. You should ensure that you keep up a regular exercise regimen throughout your life and into your golden years. The recommended amount of exercise for an adult is 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week.  

There are plenty of ways to ensure you get the right amount of exercise each week. You could consider going for a walk each day with your partner, friends or family. If you have a busy schedule, it may help to break down your exercise into manageable chunks of ten-minute workouts throughout the day.  

Improve Your Posture 

Poor posture can make staying active and mobile much more difficult. Poor posture can cause pain and even joint damage. Make it a habit to straighten up your spine when going around your daily tasks, and do gentle exercises to help strengthen your back and posture.  

Eat Well 

Eating a healthy diet is vital to help keep your body in top condition as you age. You should ensure you include plenty of vegetables and fruit to help keep your bones and joints healthy. It may help to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about supplements if you’re concerned about getting all of the nutrients you need to stay mobile.  

Adapt Your Home For Changes In Mobility 

Adapting your home can be an excellent way to ensure your quality of life is not impacted by lowered mobility. You could consider getting a downstairs bathroom installed in case you struggle with stairs in the future and put in grab rails around the house to prevent slips or falls. You could also consider a low profile bed that can make getting out of bed much easier for those with lowered mobility. You can find a fantastic range of mobility aids from industry leaders NHC Group Ltd.  

Stay Active In Your Social Circles 

Loneliness is a common issue for older people, and those with mobility issues may feel the impact of this more keenly, as they can get out of the house with less frequency. Therefore, it is crucial to take steps to keep your social life active. You could consider having regularly scheduled meetups with your friends and hosting events with your family at your home.  

Keep Your Mind Sharp 

It is just as important to keep your mind active as it is for your body. There are plenty of ways to do this, and you should find the exercises that suit you best. You could consider reading more, learning a new language or learning an instrument. You could also take up new hobbies and crafts like woodworking, bird watching or baking. Puzzles can also be beneficial for keeping our minds sharp and active.  

Go For Regular Check-Ups With Your Doctor 

Getting a regular check-up from your doctor can be beneficial as we age. You should ensure that you always visit the doctor if you’re concerned about anything. Many people put off visiting the doctor until their symptoms have worsened, but it is much better to visit sooner and catch any potential issues before they can become more challenging to treat.  

Try Yoga 

Yoga is an excellent exercise for people of any age and level of ability. You can do gentler forms of the practice such as chair yoga, right up to expert levels. Yoga allows you to strengthen your muscles, boost flexibility and improve balance, all vital benefits as you get older. You can also do yoga from the comfort of your own home, though it can be beneficial to try a class with a certified instructor to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly.  

Lift Weights 

Lifting weights can help you improve your strength and keep your joints healthy and strong. You should start small with weight lifting and work up in weight slowly. Like with yoga, it can be beneficial to get the guidance of a professional when you first start out.

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