Encouraging Outdoor Play – Skin Is for Living In(AD)

Encouraging Outdoor Play – Skin Is for Living In(AD)

*Paid partnership with Savlon Advanced Healing Gel

When I was growing up, I lived on an old disused farm, and I practically lived outside in wellies come rain or shine. I hardly ever wore a coat, and I spent more time climbing trees than I did with my feet on the ground. Life seemed like a huge adventure where I used my imagination, and nothing was what it seemed. A recent survey undertaken by Savlon Advanced Healing Gel revealed that two-thirds of parents worry about their children playing outside. When I look at the childhood my own children have compared to mine, the difference is chalk and cheese. Yes, this is hugely due to the ever-developing digital age we live in. When I was eight, a tablet was something my mum took for a headache! There is an element of worry there, though. An underlying anxiety about the potential for bumps, scrapes and grazes. It’s quite a sad fact that the Savlon Advanced Healing Gel survey also revealed that 40% of children have never climbed a tree. Then I think about my boys, and I realise neither of them has ever climbed a tree either!!

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel has been treating bumps and grazes in households for over 50 years. Anytime I grazed my knees as a young girl, and I frequently did, my granny would always have a tube to hand. On the back of their survey, Savlon Advanced Healing Gel has launched their Skin is for Living in campaign which aims to encourage families to get outside and play more while also educating and giving them the confidence to treat those minor bumps or scrapes along the way.

Campaign expert Will Copestake says: “There is enormous value in giving children the freedom to roam and discover things first hand. It’s really important for children to discover certain risks and dangers for themselves rather than just being warned of them by an adult. Children very quickly bounce back from mishaps and heal well. It’s important for parents to remember that there’s nothing wrong with getting a few cuts and bruises and scrapes!”

It’s true, grazed knees and a few bumps never did me any harm when I was young! After hearing about the Savlon Advanced Healing Gel Skin is for Living in campaign, I felt inspired to get my family outside and seek out that adventure I fondly remember from being their age.

This weekend we donned our wellies and coats and spent the afternoon outside. The autumn air was crisp and cool, but the sun was shining. The previous two days had seen relentless rain that had created some large and inviting puddles. The boys got straight in and splashed around. When they were sufficiently wet, they moved on to collecting autumn leaves. We gathered them in our arms then threw them into the autumn breeze which absolutely captivated Hugo! Before we headed inside to warm up, Henry had a go at climbing a tree. At first, he was understandably apprehensive, and a little nervous, but then that thrill hit him, and there was no stopping him.

Of course, we had some bumps – Hugo spent a large portion of time on his bum! I was confident though that any minor wounds could be taken care of with our Savlon Advanced Healing Gel. This meant that I worried less about what could happen and spent more time enjoying just playing outside with my boys!

The boys really enjoyed our adventure, so outside play is definitely going to be a much bigger part of our routine moving forward. Savlon Advanced Healing Gel is available from Superdrug RRP £4.29.

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*Paid partnership with Savlon Advanced Healing Gel


  1. Mandy
    2nd November 2019 / 8:51 pm

    Gorgeous boys x

    • sophiegw
      5th November 2019 / 9:27 am

      Thank you so much xx

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