Five Quick Ways to Update your Boys Bedroom

As boys get older their tastes and needs change so it makes sense that their bedrooms will need updating along the way. This can feel like an overwhelming and huge task but it really needn’t be! I’ve put together five quick ways to update your boys bedroom to help you out!

Five Quick Ways to Update your Boys Bedroom

  1. Change the Walls

Changing the wall colour or wallpaper in any room gives it a new lease of life. If you really want to update your boys bedroom them considering the wall covering and colour is an ideal place to start. Giving the room a lick of paint can be inexpensive and relatively easy to do and often this step alone is enough to update a room without much other intervention.

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  1. Bedding & Textiles

Consider changing the bedding and curtains to something more modern that best suits the age of your boy. If you want to save money avoid specific bedding that they may ‘grow out of’ and contemplate something plain that can be dressed up with accessories relevant to your child’s current likes and interests.

  1. Upcycle or Replace Furniture

One of the easiest ways to update your boys room is to look at the furniture and consider upcycling anything that is looking a bit tired. Sometimes something as simple as a quick paint job can make the world of difference to an old piece of worn furniture. Adding new handles to drawers and fixing anything that has broken over time can make everything look like new. If the furniture is past its peak and beyond repair or refresh then it may be time to consider investing in some new pieces. You can shop boys beds and kids bedroom furniture online at Childrens Bed Shop to find something suitable.

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  1. Declutter, Throw Out & Reorganise

Over time we as humans seem to collect and hoard items we don’t really need. These can make a room feel dated and cluttered. A great way to update your boys room would be to declutter draws, cupboards and surfaces. Throw out any items that you don’t need and no longer want and reorganise the items that you do want to keep. Consider donating items to charity or selling items that are of little or no use to you anymore. For those special items that hold memories look at ways you can store them safely to preserve them.

  1. Change Things Around

Take a look at the space you have and consider if it is being used to its full potential. If possible look at moving the furniture around to create more room and consider removing items that aren’t really needed. Opening up the available space is the perfect way to update a room and make it more useful and friendly to use. By doing this you may find there is space for additional furniture which can be used as storage or that having that extra room means your child has more space to play.

What are your tips for updating your boys room?

Love as always!

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