Living with Arthritis & Losing Independence

Arthritis is a long term chronic condition that has a huge impact on not only the physical health of a person but also their mental wellbeing. Living with arthritis can be a demoralising, depressing and stressful condition to live with. It doesn’t just impact the older generation either with some types of arthritis affecting children and young adults.

Arthritis – A Long Term Condition

There is no cure for arthritis and a diagnosis merely means management and maintenance for the rest of a person’s life. Some types of arthritis can go into periods or remission which can be a well needed and much longed for break. For some people, they just have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days throughout their lives and others notice a steady deterioration over the years. The time of year and where you live in the world can play a big part and often arthritis sufferers will complain of worsened symptoms during wetter and colder months.

Managing Symptoms

A huge part of managing arthritis is finding what works best to ease things for each individual. Some people find that rest helps where others find it worsens symptoms so it is hugely about finding the right balance. What works for one person may not for another.

Pain is a huge part of living with arthritis and this can mean long term high doses of prescription pain medication. Some sufferers find that heat packs can help ease symptoms and discomfort whilst others find cool packs help with the swelling. Hydrotherapy and low intensity exercises such as swimming can help keep joints mobile and prevent excessive stiffness but this is again dependent upon the individual.

Some individuals find that certain food and drink consumption has an impact on symptoms. This is very much an individual basis but it’s good to keep note of any foods that do cause aggravation and avoid them if possible. Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult with lack of mobility but keeping this down as much as possible can help the joints.


Losing Independence

For many people suffering with arthritis a big worry and issue is losing their sense of self-dependency and independence. With arthritis often comes loss of mobility and use of certain joints. This often means sufferers become dependent on carers, family and others to support basic and daily function. This is extremely frustrating and challenging for patients particularly those which are younger in age or those who have always lived very independent life. There is a huge selection of different solutions like the ones available from designed to help people who suffer with disabilities like arthritis maintain their independence. These type of aids will not cure the condition but they can have a huge positive impact on a person’s mental wellbeing. Living with arthritis doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of self and often people find retaining as much independence as possible helpful in doing this.

Do you know someone who suffers with arthritis or have experience living with arthritis yourself?

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