What Are Reading Sunglasses And Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Reading Sunglasses And Why Do You Need Them?
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Prescription sunglasses have been around for a long time – a sensible solution to common vision problems. If you need to wear glasses at all times to be able to see, then you face the problem of needing the protection of sunglasses but being unable to put them on over the top – either because they genuinely don’t fit or just because it looks completely ridiculous. So, the logical conclusion is to invest in special prescription sunglasses which can be invaluable when you are on vacation or if you are driving on a sunny day.

So what are reading sunglasses?

Sometimes your eyesight might not be bad enough to justify wearing glasses all the time, if you have a relatively weak prescription then you may just need glasses for driving and so you may only get prescription sunglasses for use in the car. But what about those of you that need glasses for reading? What if you want to sit outside with a good book or get some work done whilst sat in the yard in the sunshine? 

Reading sunglasses are exactly as they sound: they are reading glasses with a special tint to reduce brightness and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays – check out the different types you can get on this site. You can get something called “progressive lenses” in your reading sunglasses which have three different prescriptions in one lens so they can be used for a variety of different activities. They will have your near-sighted prescription, your farsighted prescriptions and a transition or middle-distance prescription, meaning they can be worn when reading or driving or using a computer. It seems like a very simple concept and yet it is not all that common with many people opting to simply squint or sit in the shade rather than enjoy the sun.

Why do you need them?

Any optometrist or ophthalmologist will tell you sunglasses are vital to protect your eyes from UV rays. If your only options are your standard reading glasses or non-prescription sunglasses, then you are left in a situation where you have to choose between straining your eyes and struggling to read or risking damage to your corneas! And the pages of a book are perfect for reflecting the sun’s rays directly into your eyes and causing some pretty intense discomfort, making it almost impossible to focus on what you’re doing. 

Whereas if you opt for prescription sunglasses, you will find that your eyes will be straining to focus on the page and working extra hard to see the words clearly, resulting in eye strain. Eye strain can be a serious condition and its symptoms include headaches, dry, itchy or burning eyes, fatigue and increased sensitivity to light. If you are straining your eyes for long periods of time or repeatedly over the course of a few days, then you can really suffer physically. Investing in reading sunglasses is investing in your own eye health without having to compromise on doing the things you enjoy – you can have the best of both worlds.

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