How to Transform Your Wardrobe For Pregnancy

How to Transform your Wardrobe for Pregnancy

Since becoming pregnant one of the biggest things that has changed for me is my wardrobe. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t still want to take pride in your appearance or look your best but some clothes from my pre-pregnancy days don’t offer the comfort that I need now. If this sounds like you then here are some tips to transform your wardrobe for pregnancy.

Get Fitted

Your bra size will often change in pregnancy and it’s well worth getting correctly fitted for the right shape and size bra for you. This can easily be done for free at most department stores or other shops that sell underwear. Wearing ill-fitting bras can have an impact on posture as well as just making you feel generally uncomfortable. Knowing the correct bra size can make a huge difference and it’s well worth the investment.

Invest in Key Maternity Pieces

Maternity clothes are often just as expensive as regular clothes and I really struggle to justify paying out excessively for items I won’t be wearing once my baby arrives. Maternity clothes are not essential but I would definitely consider investing in some key maternity pieces that you will wear throughout pregnancy. Things like a good supportive pair of maternity jeans that you can wear with anything and some thick maternity leggings are items you will absolutely get your fair share of wear out.

Some maternity pieces double up as nursing clothes for after the baby is born so if you are considering breastfeeding these type of items can be well worth the expense and you will find you get a fair amount of wear out of them both during and after pregnancy.

How to Transform Your Wardrobe For Pregnancy

Other Clothes Can Work

You can still wear regular clothes it’s just best to avoid anything that’s too tight fitting or anything that impacts your growing bump. There is nothing worse that feeling uncomfortable so I would recommend a size bigger where possible and looser items to help keep you comfortable and your bump supported. Your body shape changes entirely when pregnant and is differs for all women and in each pregnancy. I’d strongly suggest trying on each item and seeing how you look and feel first. Items that you have previously loved wearing just may not suit your body during this time but that is entirely normal.

Comfort and support are the most important things to consider with your wardrobe especially during pregnancy. There are no rules as long as you feel happy and comfortable then you can’t be far wrong.


The extra weight you put on your feet can mean your usual footwear choices are redundant during those pregnant months. Avoid heels or shoes that offer no real support and consider shoe choices that will be comfortable to wear all day. Uppersole do a range of different footwear options from stylish boots to comfy and casual flats. Your footwear choice doesn’t have to be boring but you will want to be comfortable.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to transform your wardrobe for pregnancy! What are your tips for transforming your wardrobe for pregnancy?  

Love as always!

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