Gift Ideas for Men

Gift Ideas for Men

Men can be really difficult to buy for and I often find myself stressing over finding the right gift. There seems to be much more of a selection available for women and it seems to make shopping for men much harder. If you struggle with this then I’ve put together some gift ideas for men that should help.

Gift Cards

I’m not a massive fan of giving gift cards or money as it can almost be seen as ‘lazy’ gifting. I like the recipient to feel as though I have put thought and effort into the gift I give but sometimes a gift card is in fact the perfect gift. If the man you are buying for likes a particular shop or wants personal items such as clothing or shoes then a gift card for their favourite store can be an ideal gift. It gives them the choice to buy the item that they want rather than you trying to guess what would suit their taste.

Items for their Hobbies

Most men will have some kind of hobby or interest in their lives. They may enjoy stamp collecting or skiing for example. Find out what interests the man you are buying for and lean towards their hobbies and find an appropriate gift that falls in line with that. If he is an avid golfer then buy him some Function 18 Golf Pants or if he prefers football maybe get him some new football boots. If in doubt speak to someone who knows about the hobby and ask them what they would recommend.


Experiences & Attractions

Some men just aren’t bothered by items and they really don’t want to receive more ‘things.’ If the man you are buying for feels this way then why not consider gifting an experience. There are so many different options available such as a cooking lesson with a Michelin Star chef, taking a trip in a hot air balloon or wine tasting in the country. There is bound to be something to suit any man and this way they can make memories with the gift that you give them.

If experiences aren’t quite their thing then why not consider purchasing tickets to a specific attraction that they may enjoy? Theme parks, museums and other attractions are available across the country and can be a great gift to give.


If there is a specific newspaper or magazine the man you are buying for likes then why not treat them to an annual subscription? If they prefer reading books you could look at a Kindle unlimited subscription or Audible for audio. They might be more of a television person which means you could look at a Sky movies or Sky sport package. You could also consider Netflix, Amazon TV or a music subscriptions like Spotify or Google music. Most of these subscriptions can be bought on a monthly, six monthly and annual basis so you can choose the right package that suits your budget.

What are your gift ideas for men? Do you find men difficult or easy to buy for?

Love as always!

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