Easy Ways to Restyle your Bedroom

Easy Ways to Restyle your Bedroom

I’ve been thinking a lot about refreshing my house lately and looking at ways to restyle rooms without much effort or expense. We only moved in here five years ago but some of the rooms just need a bit of a restyle. I often feel overwhelmed by this task and therefore end up not bothering. If this sounds like you then here are some easy ways to restyle your bedroom without much fuss.

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Walls, Wallpaper & Paint

Changing the way the walls look can make a huge difference to restyling a bedroom but it can be a big task. Simply adding wallpaper to a wall can make a huge difference but if you prefer less effort then a good lick of paint can be all a room needs. If you are short on time or the idea of painting puts you off entirely why not clean the walls and go around with a match pot of paint to ‘touch up’ any areas that really need it. If the walls look bare or plain why not consider adding some photographs or artwork?


Change to Bedding & Textiles

Simply changing the bedding and textiles of your bedroom can give it that fresh restyle with very little effort or expense. If you are the type of person that likes that fresh change then why not opt for a plain white bed linen and use coloured and textured pillows and cushions in conjunction with throws to add character and personality. These type of items are often inexpensive so can be changed up whenever you feel the need for a restyle.


Light Fittings & Lamps

I love the idea of adding a feature light fitting to bring attention to any room. There is such a huge selection from Taskers Lighting that would make the perfect centre piece to any bedroom. If a feature light fitting doesn’t excite you then why not consider adding some statement lamps? Lamps can create ambiance and mood to a room and the lower level of light often creates a cosy home feel.

Sort Through the Clutter

If you find your bedroom is holding a large amount of ‘clutter’ then it may be time to go through everything and find out what you really need. Consider donating unwanted items to charity or look to sell items that are in good condition but no longer needed. For the items you do want to keep look at storage solutions that best suit your needs so your items aren’t taking up unnecessary space.

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Move the Furniture

Have you considered the way the room is laid out? Is there opportunity to shift the furniture into different positions? Sometimes changing the way furniture is laid out can make a room appear bigger and better use the available space. This step is cost free but even done alone without anything else can make a huge difference to the way a room looks and feels.

What are your tips for restyling your bedroom?  

Love as always!

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