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Dog Buff


I first purchased a Buff scarf for myself from BuffWear years ago. Originally I found that Buff style scarfs were appealing as a horse rider who was often out in the cold but didn’t want the hazard or hassle of a full scarf. I just loved how lightweight yet effective it was even on the coldest days. Since I left the equine industry and became a Mum I haven’t really thought much about BuffWear but I was left pleasantly surprised to learn that they do a Buff range for both children and dogs!

Spiderman Buff

Buff Kids Collection

Henry doesn’t like wearing scarfs. I get it! They are tickly and a bit scratchy but we also live in Manchester in England where it is often cold and a scarf really does make the difference. But scarves get in the way when you’re five and you’re playing. Sometimes they get too hot or they are hard to tie. The battle over this just wasn’t worth it. So when I learnt about the Buff Kids collection from BuffWear, I was very excited and hopeful that this would be an ideal solution.


One of the hardest parts about the BuffWear website was picking the design. Henry must have spent at least 15 minutes batting back and fourth choosing the design he liked best. Eventually he settled on a gorgeous Spiderman design which he was soooo excited about.

Spiderman buff

What Henry Thought

So despite Henry being excited about receiving the Buff my Mum hat was firmly on and I wasn’t convinced he was going to actually wear it as intended. I wondered if the thought of having the Spiderman Buff and actually having to wear it were worlds apart. I neednt have worried though because Henry was just as excited when the Buff arrived and wanted to try it ont immediately!

One of the great things is that the Buff is made from 100% Polyester Microfibre and is very lightweight. This meant that Henry found the Buff easy to put on and take off by himself. It looked like the Junior Buff was going to be an ideal accessory for school when he has to be independent.

Dog Buff Collection

So excitingly enough BuffWear also do a range for dogs!!! If you watch my Instastories you will probably know that I like dressing Stitch, my French Bulldog up. Not only for pure entertainment but actually because the poor guy gets cold in Winter! As the weather has started to warm up it’s often too hot for any kind of jumper but first thing in the morning it is still a little cool and thats where the Dog Buff is essential.

Dog Buff

What Stitch Thought

He wears his Dog Buff with complete pride and because it’s so light weight he barely even notices it’s on. He is far happier going out in the cool morning air with it on which is nice!

Dog Buff

What I Thought

I felt both Buffs were well made and light in weight. The quality was excellent and the patterns were bright and bold. I felt like the website was easy to navigate and the stock selection was fantastic making finding the perfect individual Buff easy!

Buff Selection

They were both easy to put on and just as easy for Henry to put on and take off on his own. Despite the material being thin it was extremely warming without that nasty tickling sensation you can get with knitted style scarfs.

It says on the BuffWear website that:

‘Junior BUFF can be worn as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava, scarf, headband, scrunchie, saharaine, pirate cap, beanie and bandana.’

This adds endless possibilities and uses from just one item!

Spiderman Buff

I like the fact that the Buff can be washed easily in the machine making it simple to look after and clean.

Not Just for the Cold

The Buff is great for keeping warm in Winter but it also wicks away moisture to keep you cool when it’s hot. This is perfect for us because Henry loves mountain biking at the minute. In the warmer weather when the flies are out it can be irritating cycling through the woods. Now Henry wears the Buff pulled up over his face which protects him from being hit in the face by them as he rides. He can still do this comfortably when its warmer which is a huge win!

More From BuffWear

For more information on Buffwear and to see the whole range head to their website here.

The Junior Buff range can be found here and prices are currently £13.25-£14.00

The Dog Buff range can be found here and prices are currently £10.25-£11.26

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