Minions inspired lighting products from VARTA – Review

Minions inspired lighting products from VARTA – Review

Minion Madness

Today I am getting some much-needed time to myself because the boys have gone to watch Despicable Me 3! Henry has been obsessed with anything Minion related since the very first film so he is most excited!! To get him in the mood in the lead up to the film we have been having fun with some Minions inspired lighting products from VARTA.

I wrote recently about some of the wonderful products I had from VARTA and they are a brand I know will last and one I can trust. In celebration of the latest Despicable Me film VARTA have brought out a whole range of Minions-inspired lighting products.

The Minions 3-D Bob Night Light

Henry is at that age where he will sometimes have bad dreams. When you are his age they can be quite scary – bless him! One time this can be difficult for us is when it’s time to go to sleep. Henry just gets worried when the lights are out and his imagination runs amuck. We have tried leaving a lamp on or the light on the landing but they are too bright and just have the opposite effect of keeping him awake.


I introduced The Minions 3-D Bob Night Light because I knew he would be excited by the fact it was a Minion. The night light is great because it gives off a warm glow that isn’t too harsh or bright so actually helps him fall asleep rather than keeping him awake. There are two power modes – low & high both of which automatically turn off after 30 minutes on high and after 60 minutes on low.


Bobs pocket also has a touch sensor so that Henry can turn the light on and off by himself if he needs to.

Minions Lantern

We have also been getting up to some Minion Mischief with the Minion Lantern from VARTA. The lantern has a cool white LED light you activate with a turn switch on the front. The lantern is a perfect size and weight for small hands like Henry’s. It also has an attached hook which will make it perfect for our camping trips this Summer. The lantern has a run time of 35h which is ample for going on an adventure.


What Did Henry Think?

Well of course Henry was sold as he is Minions obsessed!! He loved the night light and it has been a very useful tool to help him get to sleep without the worry. The touch button is ideal for when he wants to use the light independently and means there is no fiddling with switches.

Henry has been having loads of fun with the Minions Lantern and he is very excited to take it on our camping adventures over Summer.


What Did I Think?

Both items are extremely well made. Sometimes I find with ‘inspired’ items that the quality is poor but I was really impressed.

The nightlight gets used every night and the fact that it is battery operated means that it can be moved easily and we aren’t restricted by a plug socket. I was sceptical that the concept wouldn’t work. That being said Henry has been falling asleep well before the 60-minute timer is done. This has made bedtimes much easier and worry free. The fact that it is portable means that if he wakes in the night to use the toilet he can take the night light with him!

The lantern is bright, easy to operate and a fun design. Henry is excited to have his own lantern for our Summer adventures and I think that this will be a well-used item in our household this year!

I worry about battery operated items. Sometimes it can mean replacing the batteries often especially on something like the night light which is used every night. However, the performance is strong and the VARTA batteries last a really good amount of time so that isn’t a worry.

More from VARTA & The Minions Inspired Lighting Products

The Minions 3-D Bob Night Light is £14.99 and can be purchased here.

The Minions Lantern is £13.99 and can be purchased here.

Find out more about VARTA & the Minion range on their website here.

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Love as always!

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