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Garden Project

As you know from this post I am undergoing a Garden Project because my garden deserves a bit of TLC. A garden should be an extra room in your house during Summer and for us we have just never had that opportunity until now. That’s why when I heard about the VARTA Garden challenge or #VARTAGardenChallenge I knew it was time to kick my butt into gear and get our garden looking ship shape!


As you can see our garden was in desperate need of some love! The grass was over grown, the borders needed a complete turn over and there was barely a plant in sight! We had a vision of a space that was inviting and one that we WANTED to spend time.

overgrown garden

The first job was to get all the grass trimmed up and the borders turned over and ready for some new plants! As soon as that was done the whole garden looked better already!! Now it was time to implement some wonderful garden lights and power them with some reliable batteries from VARTA to make everything look that bit more homely and inviting especially at night!

VARTA overgrown garden


VARTA are a European market leader when it comes to high quality batteries. Everything is battery powered these days and the more powerful the device the better quality the batteries need to be! That’s why VARTA are a great brand to stock up on because they simply don’t let you down. That’s why when it comes to solar rechargeable batteries theres no-one else I can trust.

VARTA batteries

When you are enjoying your garden space there is no reason why the fun should stop just because the sun goes down. Not many people have electric lights as standard outside so it makes solar powered lights an effective and simple solution to make your garden inviting even at night!

VARTA solar light next to a plant

I put three solar powered garden lights powered of course by VARTA solar rechargeable batteries down the side of the border. When the sun goes down they create a nice comforting glow. [Read the guide for best solar garden lights at] By having the VARTA Solar ACCU energy supply it ensures that the lights have the right energy supply as an when needed! The batteries are specially developed to be used in solar powered garden lights so you can trust that they will work. They can be recharged over and over again without the need to be replaced which makes them long lasting and an energy efficient source for ambient garden lighting.

VARTA batteries

We don’t get a whole load of direct sun light living in Manchester but the lights still come on in the evening without problem. They also haven’t depleted in the amount of light they give off despite them being used solid for the past few weeks.

VARTA solar light at night

Outdoor Fairy Lights Powered by VARTA

Of course alongside the standard garden solar lights I loved the idea of some twinkly fairy lights too! Having outdoor fairy lights means of course they need to be bold and bright so they need a good power source which is where the VARTA High Energy AA batteries come in. These batteries are perfect for those kids toys that use A LOT of energy to function or for things you need to rely on a strong power source like flashlights.

VARTA fairy lights

The VARTA High Energy AA batteries have a storage time of 10 years and the pack is designed so you can get one battery out at a time and still safely store the rest in the packaging. No more wondering if the loose batteries in the draw are old or new!!!

VARTA fairy lights at night

I was very impressed at how bright the fairy lights were with the VARTA batteries and they continue to glow despite being on solid for hours into most evenings!!

VARTA fairylights at night

Garden Fun

Finally we have been having some good old garden fun into the evening by doing our very own Hedgehog and mini beast hunts with our VARTA LED Outdoor Sports Comfort Lantern 3D – that is a mouthful!! In early July it’s the time when the baby hedgehogs forage so as part of a mini adventure in the evenings we have been going into the garden with Henry and looking for some foraging hedgehogs!!

VARTA light

One big selling point for me with the VARTA lantern is that it has an Amber light which attracts less insects than a regular coloured light. This is music to my ears because I HATE when all the insects swarm toward you! The Lantern comes with a 3 year VARTA guarantee, is water resistant, shock proof to 2m AND has an integrated hook making it ideal for camping. As we haven’t been able to have a proper Summer holiday this year we will be going on many camping adventures so this will be a great family addition!!

Capturing Every Moment

One thing about being out in the garden more is that there is no power socket to charge up my phone Dun Dun Dun!!! Now I can do without Facebook or Instagram but whilst we our out there enjoying our garden as a family it would be nice to be able to capture those special moments only to find out that my phone has died!!

VARTA charge port

This Summer I will be making full use of the VARTA Slim Power Bank 6000 to keep my phone topped up so I can capture every single second! The power bank is so powerful it can charge a phone two and a half times or one tablet fully!! This will also be an essential bit of kit when we go camping!!

VARTA charge port

Before & After

So it’s taken a bit of work but thanks to VARTA and the #VARTAGardenChallenge we now have a wonderful space we can enjoy as a family. We can now enjoy the evening ambiance with the help of the solar powered lights and VARTA rechargeable solar batteries. Have beautiful twinkly outdoor fairy lights kept bright by the VARTA High Energy AA batteries. We can even have a fun family adventure searching for hedgehogs using our VARTA lantern or simply capturing every second by keeping our phones charged with the VARTA power bank!!


More From VARTA

If you want to take on your own #VARTAGardenChallenge then head over to the VARTA website here.

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you want to check out more about my Garden Project don’t forget to head over here.

Love as always!

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