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When you have a baby your changing bag can be your complete lifeline. It literally holds everything you need for you and your little one when out and about. Often Mums can be seen delving into their change bags one handed whilst trying to soothe a crying baby. Why is it that no matter how well you think you have packed your change bag or how many pockets and compartments your bag has you can never find what you want when you want it? There have been so many situations where I cannot seem to find the items that I need quickly which I think is a scenario all of us Mums can relate to. This is exactly the issue Katy Holden from Niamh’s Neverland had so she decided she needed a solution. After trawling the internet, she still wasn’t able to find a way of organising her essential changing items to solve her problem so she took to her sewing machine and created her own. Katy designed and hand created a unique yet stylish nappy wallet perfect for organising those changing essentials and her business has grown from there.

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Nappy Wallet Organiser by Niamh’s Neverland

Katy’s Nappy Wallets are functional and practical providing space for nappies, wipes, nappy bags, cream and even the optional clip for a dummy. I love how neat and compact the nappy wallet makes organising your changing bag and it means everything you need is always to hand. The nappy wallet means that you don’t have to lug your whole changing bag with you to the changing room and you can simply grab your wallet with everything you need in one place. It also means if you are going somewhere and you don’t want to take the full changing bag you can slide the nappy wallet into your handbag or a backpack which is great for when our babies grow into toddlers.

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Katy’s online Etsy shop – Niamh’s Neverland has an abundance of different Nappy Wallets in different fabrics there is bound to be one perfect for you. The hardest part is choosing just one! Katy also does custom orders so if you don’t see what you are looking for you can always discuss this with Katy and see what she can do! After much deliberation, I picked the fox design because I felt it was gender neutral (because I don’t know the sex of my new baby yet) and it will easily go with any changing bag. Oh, and let’s be honest the fox pattern is soooo CUTE!

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The nappy wallet itself is very well made and it’s hard to believe this was produced by just one person. I have previously bought items like this and found that once you use them they really aren’t all that fit for purpose. It is clear that I love the idea behind the nappy wallet and the design is beautiful but ultimately if it won’t do its actual job it’s no use to me. It’s clear that because the nappy wallet is made to a high standard it will absolutely be able to withstand a fair amount of use without issue which pleases me no end! As the nappy wallet is made from a soft fabric a concern would be that over time it would become grubby looking and dirty. The great thing is that the wallets can be hand washed it is just not advised that they go in a tumble dryer.

What Did I Think?

It’s obvious that I am in love with the product from it’s gorgeous design to its practicality and functionality. I love supporting smaller businesses that have put a lot of thought and effort into their products. Katy cuts and sews every nappy wallet herself so yes if she is busy you might have to wait slightly longer but when you receive it you will know it was made with love! Katy is making products from her own experiences as a Mum which means that the items she produces are practical and useful. Every Mum could use a nappy wallet like this to help keep their sanity especially in those early days when venturing out with a new born is hard work!

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Head over to Katy’s Etsy shop to check out the full range of nappy wallets she has on offer. You can also keep up to date with all things Niamh’s Neverland on their social media channels:




Katy has kindly offered you lovely readers a 10% discount code valid from 5th of March 2018 – 18th of March 2018 just enter the code NAPPYSOPH10

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