Pothecary Gin & Miss Witt Collaboration Review

Pothecary Gin
*I was kindly sent the Luxury Gin and chocolate gift set for free in return for an honest review.

Like most adults, I enjoy a nice alcoholic drink once in a while. In particular, I like a nice Gin usually with tonic and a wedge of lime. The aromatic bitter taste is unique yet in some ways weirdly comforting. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Pothecary Gin offered to send me their new Gin & Miss Witt Chocolate collaboration in return for my honest review. How could I say no? I love chocolate and I love Gin!!

Pothecary Gin

The Story of Pothecary Gin

Pothecary Gin is a British blended gin that can only be described as premium through and through! This product has grown from strength to strength and was awarded ‘Double Gold’ at the globally renowned San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016. Not just great tasting but the bottle is elegant and looks superior amongst other spirits and is a real treat for dinner parties or entertaining.

The History of Chocolate by Miss Witt

It was in 2012 when Kerry Witt first established ‘Chocolate by Miss Witt’ and since then it has like Pothecary, grown from strength to strength. I have to say if you are a chocolate connoisseur then you really must try some of the delicious chocolates in Kerry’s range. She has won numerous awards and when you try the chocolate it’s really no surprise why!

The Collaboration

The collaboration really reflects the beauty of both Pothecary and Chocolate by Miss Witt. The first thing to strike me was the beautiful colour of the box similar to a light robin egg blue and the same as the Pothecary Gin label. Inside there is a 100ml miniature Pothecary Gin bottle with a wooden corked stopper resembling a traditional apothecary jar. It is touches like this that in my opinion make this product stand out. Nestled next to the gin lies a quaint box holding four Miss Witts chocolates in the same beautiful blue as the box and gorgeous elegant gold.

For this collaboration, Kerry Witt has creatively used some of the botanicals, New Forest spring water and distillates that are used to create Pothecary Gin. These chocolates are original and unique and a complete treat.

Pothecary Gin

The Gin

On its own the gin is very unique but in the best possible way. The aroma is inviting, floral but not perfumed, fresh yet subtle with bright zesty notes. Taste wise there is a huge lavender influence that is complementary without being overwhelming and goes excellently with the zesty notes. Served neat and over ice this is a first class beverage that absolutely anyone could enjoy.

Pothecary Gin

The Chocolates

Visually they are stunning and leave an impression of exclusivity. They are both created using Miss Witts’ signature water ganache with the gold chocolate, The ‘Ana’ containing Venezuelan 40% milk chocolate, organic black mulberry extract and organic Sicilian lemon distillate enclosed in a dark chocolate casing. The blue chocolate, The ‘Provençal’ contains Dominican Republic and organic Provence lavender distillate and a dash of sea salt. The centre is a soft mousse texture with a white chocolate shell.

Pothecary Gin

A Perfect Pairing

The ‘Provençal’ has a hint of lavender which brings out the zesty notes from the gin wonderfully. Despite the chocolate being sweet it doesn’t overpower the gin in any way which was a concern of mine.

The ‘Ana’ again doesn’t take away from the gin with its sweetness but instead, it brings out the floral aromas of the gin beautifully.

I have never considered pairing my gin with chocolate so I was surprised to find that both chocolates went particularly well with the gin and brought out the flavours of each other in a complementary way.

Pothecary Gin

My Opinion

Pothecary Gin is a premium gin that would look fabulous on any shelf and tastes divine. This isn’t any other gin this is aromatic, fresh but not perfumed or overwhelming. Drank neat over ice it is the perfect end to a perfect day and I cannot fault it in any way. Miss Witt’s chocolates are quirky, elegant and different. If you want premium chocolate that is unique and not afraid to step out of the box then this is simply it. Any chocolate lover would appreciate the beauty of Chocolate by Miss Witt.

This Luxury collaboration is perfect as a gift for someone who appreciates good quality spirits and chocolate, likes to try new taste sensations or enjoys a first-class premium product.

The Prices

A 50cl bottle of Pothecary Gin retails at around £39.00 and the Gin & Chocolate Collaboration is around £25.00. Both Products can be purchased from here.

Where to Find Out More?

You can find Pothecary Gin on:





You can find Miss Witt on:



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*I was kindly sent the Luxury Gin and chocolate gift set for free in return for an honest review.

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