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Tangle Angel

Thin Hair DO Care

I recently posted a big old rant on my Instastories about my hair. I feel I am at a point of complete frustration when it comes to my hair! I’ve always had thin, fine hair and no matter what I do to increase volume it’s pretty much just flat. I’ve been going back and fourth with the idea of extensions but hair is EXPENSIVE! Anyways I noticed that some of my hair was being pulled out by my hairbrush and a girls gotta hold onto what she’s got!!! Especially when you don’t have a lot to begin with! So you could say the prospect of trying the Tangle Angel was extremely exciting!!

Tangle Angel

The Tangle Angel

Firstly I have to be honest and say this brush is sooooo freaking cute!! If you are a girly girl then this will be right up your street but there are so many different styles to choose from there is bound to be one for you!

It’s so easy to use the Tangle Angel and it didn’t tug or pull my hair out and was very gentle on my scalp. My hair was detangled easily and painlessly! I love that you can use the brush on wet or dry hair and it can be used with a hairdryer because it is heat resistant!!

My hair wasn’t static or flyaway and was easy to manage and style. It was also refreshing to learn that the brush has antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic bristles which makes the brush hygienic and safe!!

Tangle Angel

What did I Think?

Honestly? I loved the Tangle Angel. For someone with fine, thin hair this is a complete game changer. The great thing is that because the Tangle Angel is so gentle on the hair it means that if I do choose to get hair extensions I can use it on them too! Having fine hair means that it can break and damage much easier than thicker hair. I need to take good care of it and using a gentle, yet efficient brush like the Tangle Angel will be perfect! The Tangle Angel isn’t just for those with thin hair though and can be used just as well on those blessed with thick hair!

I also love the fact that Tangle Angel now to a pet brush called the Pet Angel!! So everyone in your family can have beautifully tamed locks!!

More From Tangle Angel

The Tangle Angel retails for £12.95 for more information and to see the full range and colours head to the website here.

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