Getting a Good Nights Sleep With the S+ Sleep Device by ResMed

Getting a Good Nights Sleep With the S+ Sleep Device by ResMed

How are you Sleeping?

Are you getting enough sleep at night? When you do, is the quality of that sleep really as good as it should be? We live in the digital age where we spend more hours in bed surfing Facebook than we do actually getting the sleep we need. I’m guilty of it, I fully admit that however I didn’t realise quite how much it was impacting my sleep until I tried the S+ Sleep device by ResMed.Sleep Device

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is really important. I know when I’m behind on my sleep because mentally and physically I just don’t feel my best. When I am on top of my game it’s usually on the back of a great nights sleep. I think that there are so many factors that can challenge us getting a good nights sleep that we cannot control, like our children waking for example. When we can get a goods nights rest we want to make sure it’s the best quality it can possibly be so we can be fully recharged to take on the day!

Sleep Device

S+ Sleep Device

The S+ Sleep Device is a non intrusive sleep tracking system that works without the use of wristbands or mattress monitors. The S+ Sleep Device sits by the bed and uses a cloud hosted Sleep Mentor system that works with a free mobile app. So how does it work? Well the S+ Sleep Device records the chest movements as you breathe along with your overall body movement. It uses this data to create a sleep score and chart which is sent to the app.

sleep device

The S+ Sleep Device monitors the light level of the room and the temperature which can both affect sleep quality. There is a ‘Relax to Sleep Function’ which plays soothing and relaxing sounds that synchronise with your breathing. This is designed to help you fall asleep. You can also set an alarm so that you are woken up when in light sleep!

What Did I Think?

I was skeptical in honesty. A device that claims to track your sleep by monitoring your chest movements! It seemed like the results would be inaccurate at best but I downloaded the app and set up the device as required. To test the device you can watch it tracking your breathing by taking deep breaths or shallow breaths. To my surprise the app could clearly see when I was taking in a deep breath as oppose to a shallow breath. I was stunned and extremely excited to see the readings from the first night.

I’m an anxiety sufferer which often results in me over thinking and over playing my day in my mind before bed. Sometimes I am sat up at night because I can’t quieten my mind! I wasn’t really sure how the S+ Sleep Device would be able to help that though.

I tested the S+ Sleep Device over a few weeks and I made full use of both the ‘Relax to Sleep’ and Alarm function. I have to be honest it was great to see how poor my sleep was and aim to improve it. Using the ‘Relax to Sleep Function’ really helped relieve feelings of anxiety in general as well as relax me to sleep!

More From the S+ Sleep Device

I would recommend the S+ Sleep Device for anyone wanting to identify and improve their sleep quality. If, like me you suffer with feelings of anxiety, stress and restlessness then I really feel this can improve all of those things!

Currently the device retails for £129.95. For more information about the S+ Sleep Device head over to their website here and follow them on Twitter @FixMySleep

You can also purchase the S+ Sleep Device from Amazon here.

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