EGOSketch Personalised Phone & Tablet Cases Review

EGOSketch Personalised Phone & Tablet Cases Review

Customising Your Phone

Our phones are a huge part of our lives. We carry them around like lifelines so it makes sense to want to add a personalised touch! I would love an iPhone but I can’t justify the expense if I’m honest! Plus I’m super clumsy and would only drop it! Anyway the main reason I would love an iPhone is because of all the cool phone cases you can get! I love the idea of customising your phone so it’s an extension of your personality. But yeah, I don’t have iPhone, I have the One Plus 3T which in its defence is an amazing phone that I absolutely LOVE! One thing I dislike is that there aren’t a large range of phone cases available and finding a supplier that will customise a case is even harder! That is until I found out about EGOsketch.


EGOsketch Customised Phone Cases

EGOsketch make personalised phone and tablet cases and even better they do a case for my type of phone!! They offer a wide selection of cases dependent on the type of case you want which you can then personalise to suite your individuality! This is music to my ears! The hardest decision was choosing which photograph to use!

What Did I Think?

Personalising the phone case was really simple and easy and I was able to see how the phone case would look. There is an indicator which suggests whether the image quality will be high enough which was a great feature and meant I was able to change the picture to one that was of a higher quality!

Whenever I order anything online that I haven’t seen in person first I am always skeptical. EGOsketch offer phone cases at really competitive prices but I was worried that the great price might have reflected on the quality of the product or printing. I needn’t have been worried though because the phone case is fabulous quality and the printing is excellent!

The phone case fits perfectly and has perfect spaces for the phones buttons and isn’t loose. I chose a hard shell which adds extra protection to my phone which will help with my clumsiness!!



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*This post was written in collaboration with EGOsketch. I received a personalised phone case in return for an honest review. As always all views, opinions and words are my own. For more information please see this page here.


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