Itty Bitty Characters : Great Fun to Collect for Everyone

Itty Bitty

Trying Out Itty Bitty Characters

Our household has quite the obsession with Star Wars so when I saw the completely irresistible Itty Bitty Star Wars collection I wasn’t the only one excited to test them out!!

Build a Collection

The Itty Bitty range has many different collections from Marvel Superheroes to The Wizard of Oz! It doesn’t matter who you are there is bound to be an Itty Bitty just for you!!

itty bitty

At around £6.50 each they make great filler gifts for birthdays, Christmas or other celebrations. I love that you can just as easily have one Itty Bitty or collect the whole set!

Personally I think they make great ‘desk buddies’ because they aren’t to large. This means they aren’t distracting or intrusive but they are sure to brighten up your work space.

Quality, Feel & Design

Each Itty Bitty is well made and true to its character. These don’t look like cheap knockoffs yet they are a ‘cute’ version of their persona without being childish! Each character can freely stand on its own unaided which is ideal for storage or display.

itty bitty

The genuine feel is that it is a good quality product that will easily withstand some appropriate play from a child. Although these are items you can collect they aren’t ‘collectors’ pieces that cannot withstand touching which is important when purchasing for a younger audience.

I have to say the range is extensive and there are so many characters to choose from. I love that Itty Bitty aren’t ‘gender’ specific any of the collection would suite any gender child easily depending on who their favourite character is – exactly how it should be!!

Great For Children or Adults

When you think of a stuffed toy you instantly think of a child but I have to say the great thing about the Itty Bitty collection is that they are just as much fun for an adult to collect as they are for a child!

itty bitty

The small size makes Itty Bitty’s the perfect companion for children to take on adventures. Their size means they don’t take up much room and can be easily stowed away when needed.

What Did Henry Think?

Henry loves them! They are great for playing with like action figures but also so and cuddly to take to bed! He is so excited to collect more and add to his collection!

More From Itty Bitty

You can find out more information including the full range and up to date prices from the Hallmark website here.

You can also purchase them from Amazon here.

Some of the Itty Bitty collections include Snoopy, Star Wars, Marvel, Scooby Doo & The Wizard of Oz which character would you choose first?


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