Trunkaroo Subscription Fun This Summer

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box

So, as you know Henry has finished his first year of primary school and is currently on his Summer holidays! That means lots of juggling trying to keep him busy and entertained. The Summer can be an expensive time especially if the weather is poor like it currently has been. Luckily for us we have been playing about with one of the creativity trunks from Trunkaroo.

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box


Trunkaroo is a monthly subscription box that is sent through the post filled with hands on projects designed to help children learn through the fabulous act of playing! Children learn the most through play at a younger age and Trunkaroo works by providing hands on projects for children to create and play whilst also providing effective learning.

Our Trunkaroo

Our Trunkaroo was based on an Ocean theme. The trunk contained two projects, a Discoveroo magazine and a bonus ‘Draw it Yourself’ project.

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box

Project One:

Deep Ocean Bingo

To complete this project there was:

  • 10 Bingo Cards
  • A Sheet of Ocean Stickers
  • 18 Calling Cards
  • 2 Sheets ofCovering Tiles

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Bingo

To complete this project and enable us to play the Ocean Bingo Henry took the relevant calling card and applied the correct Ocean sticker to match. This was a fabulous exercise that got him talking about what ocean creatures he thought the stickers were. There were some that he knew immediately and some that he had to think about. I liked how this project got him thinking and wasn’t just ‘on a plate’ for him to complete.

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box bingo


Once all the calling cards were completed we shuffled the deck and played a few rounds of Bingo. The calling cards, Bingo cards and covering tiles are all printed on high quality, thick card so they can be used again and again.

Project Two:

My Underwater Expedition

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box

To complete this project there was:

  • A Range of Ocean Themed Animal Cut Outs
  • Oil Pastels
  • String
  • Glue Dots
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Decorative Tissue Paper

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box

To complete this project Henry chose a Whale cut out which he decorated with the oil pastels and googly eyes. We then attached the string and created an underwater theatre. We talked about what colours the underwater creatures would be in real life but Henry decided that it was more fun to decorate them bright and bold for the theatre and I totally agree!!

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box

What Did Henry Think of Trunkaroo?

Henry liked discovering the theme of the trunk and delving into each project. Despite the fact, he was learning new things and practicing skills he didn’t feel like it was a lesson to him it was just a lot of fun! I asked Henry if he would have another trunk and he said he would love to!

What Did I Think?

I loved that everything you needed was contained in the box. I hate when you buy something and then to complete said item you need to purchase half an art supply shop. Admittedly I was nervous that the Trunkaroo would require some additional supplies I wouldn’t have on hand however everything we needed was neatly contained within the trunk itself.

Each project lasted a good amount of time and could be spread across the month easily! I love that the Trunkaroo has a theme which you could continue in other areas throughout the month. My only worry would be getting a trunk with a theme that Henry wasn’t interested in.

As a parent, it was nice to do some projects that were educational without Henry even realising! I would definitely consider purchasing a Trunkaroo subscription in the future!

Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box

More From Trunkaroo

Trunkaroo offer a monthly subscription startong at £19.99 a month which can be cancelled at anytime. You can also gift Trunkaroo and buy one off trunks! For more information and to sign up head over to the Trunkaroo website here.

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Trunkaroo Ocean Tales Box


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