Aldi Stationery: Must Have Special Buy Grab While You Can

Aldi Stationery

Bit of an Aldi Snob

I’m not going to lie in the past I was a bit of an Aldi snob. I’d been in there and felt like there wasn’t a whole load of much beyond baskets of tat. However that all changed when I revisited and realised that in the time I hadn’t been there they has massively upped their game. They aren’t just affordable in terms of food and daily household essentials they often have some amazing little finds. I would never have thought Aldi stationery would be words I’d ever mutter let alone purchase, love and recommend!!

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Special Buy Stationery Range

I’m a huge stationery fan as you will well know if you’ve been around my blog for more than a hot minute! I have more notebooks than a Staples superstore. It’s not that I do loads of writing and to be honest, most of my notebooks have nothing actually written in them. Maybe I have an addiction? Anyway in order to prevent my husband filing for divorce I promised (with my fingers crossed behind my back) that I would not purchase anymore notebooks. That was until I happened to find the Aldi stationery range and fall head over heels in love!

Aldi Stationery Set £2.99

Aldi Stationery

How could I say no to this cute little stationery set! Everything is colour coordinated with this rustic gold theme and white with black polka dots! I think the little paperclips are a fabulous touch and it’s all neatly displayed in this little case!!

Clipboard Notepad & Pen £2.99

Aldi Stationery

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation where I’ve thought ‘Man I need a clipboard and pen right now.’ Shall that occasion ever arise though I am now prepared!

Memo Pad, Mini Notebook & To Do List £2.99

Aldi Stationery

I’m always writing a ‘to do list’ and now I have a specific space in which to write said to do list. Also can we discuss how cute the white polka-dotted notebook is!! All three come in this cute little set for what I think is a bargain price!

Writing Set £2.99

Aldi Stationery

Despite the fact that it is 2017 and I haven’t sent a paper and pen letter in years this writing set from the Aldi stationery range was too darn cute to pass on. I always say I want to write more letters and now I can!!

Set of 2 Notebooks £2.99

Aldi Stationery


These notebooks have to be my absolute favourite items I bought and in honesty they were what attracted me to the whole Aldi Stationery range in the first place. Two good-sized notebooks in a really cute design!

Where Can You Get The Range?

The Aldi stationery range is only available in UK stores as far as I am aware and you cannot currently purchase online. The range is part of a ‘special buy’ which means this isn’t something they plan on stocking indefinitely so grab them while you can!!

More information can be found on the Aldi UK website.

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Aldi Stationery


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  1. randomlyyayar
    22nd March 2017 / 7:32 pm

    I am totally jelly. I dont think our Aldi’s have stationary and it’s so cute

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