Top Tips to Improve your Recycling

It’s more and more common to hear about things like global warming or you might have noticed an increase in the number of plastic products washing up on the beaches. These things are causing significant issues and damaging our wildlife. As I grow older I am thinking more and more about the planet and how we as humans need to do everything we can to protect the world in which we live. One of the ways we can help the planet is by recycling so I have put together some top tips to help improve your recycling.

Top Tips to Improve your Recycling

Sort it Out

Sorting through items and deciding whether they are recyclable or not is the first step to helping improve your recycling. I use large bulk bags to sort my recyclable items and I have one bag per type of recyclable.

For example, I have:

  • Card and Paper
  • Bottles and Cans
  • Food and Garden Waste
  • Other General Plastics

Once the bags are full I can drop them off at the local recycling centre. I’ve had my bulk bags for a while now but you can shop dumpy bags online if you think they will be helpful to you.

improve your recycling

Check Your Labels

Although it’s getting better sadly not everything can be recycled. Every day more and more items are becoming recyclable though so it’s worth checking the packaging of items before dismissing them entirely. Sometimes only parts of an item are recyclable but the label should give an indication as to whether an item is fully recyclable or which parts are. If you can, try and choose products that can be recycled over ones that have packaging that can’t.

Check Your Area

Every area has different rules and procedures for their recycling so it’s important to check what can and cannot be recycled where you live. You should be able to access this information easily by contacting your local council.

Recycle Water

If you have a garden that requires watering in the summer months then installing a water butt is a great way to recycle fallen rainwater. You could also consider using a timer in the shower to save water particularly for teenagers and children that seem to take hours in there! Of course, showers use less water than a bath but if you do fill a bath sharing the water with other family members is a great way to save water.


Get the Family Involved

Encouraging the younger generations to recycle is vital for our planet and it’s great to get them into good habits early. Simple things like not throwing bottles in with general waste or reusing or recycling paper is a great place to start.

Reuse & Reduce

If it can’t be recycled then it’s important to reduce and reuse where possible. Thinking about the products you are using and how you are using them makes us mindful of the environment and recycling in general. Some items cannot be recycled but what we can do to help in those instances is to avoid waste.

Do you currently recycle? What are your tips?


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