5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Space

5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Space
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Your outdoor space serves as an avenue to increase your home’s kerb appeal and boost its value. However, it can be much more than that; you can transform it into your sanctuary where you get to enjoy some alone or family time while soaking in the sounds and sight of nature. Besides, spending time outdoors does a lot of good to your health by reducing stress levels and boosting your immune system. Research shows that breathing in phytoncides produced by plants increases the NK white blood cells’ number and functions that kill tumours and virus-infected cells in your body, making your outdoor space an essential component in your home. Perhaps you’re willing to spruce up your space but don’t know how to go about it. These tips will get you started. 

  •  Work on your garden

Your garden is a perfect way to brighten up your home and create a relaxed atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy. What’s more, it helps you play your part in sustaining the environment, as your garden will attract pollinators and make the air in your home cleaner and fresher. It’s also a critical factor in increasing your home selling price, which is why you should ensure that it’s always in top shape. Taking care of your garden goes beyond watering and weeding; you need to devote time to it as it requires lots of care to thrive.  

You can start by taking out the weeds, as they deprive your plants of nutrients and give your home an unkempt look. It will be best to water your garden regularly, at least once daily, to prevent your plants from having stunted growth or withering. It will also help if you apply compost to enrich your soil. Luckily, you can make your own from stale foods and vegetables. It’s also necessary for you to prevent or control pest invasion and ensure that your plants are getting adequate sunlight. You should also prune them regularly and edge your garden to give it a more refined and classier look. 

It will not hurt if you add garden sculptures to increase your garden’s overall beauty and kerb appeal. Perhaps you don’t have enough space to grow one. In this case, you can incorporate potted plants into your outdoor space by placing them in strategic positions such as your driveways. 

  • Invest in outdoor furniture

To create the most relaxing outdoor feeling, you need to make it very comfortable, and you can achieve this by acquiring furniture for that purpose. Its uses and benefits are endless; they help you relieve stress in your garden or patio after a hard day’s work and give you the perfect setting to help you enjoy a nice meal with your family or friends, etc. This is why you should buy quality furniture that suits your preference and purpose. 

You should first make a list of furniture you need, as it will inform you of what you need and prevent unnecessary spending and additional costs. You should also ensure that you’re investing in weather-resistant ones, as they’ll be outside most of the time. According to your needs, you can acquire benches, hammocks, sofas, tables, bistro sets, etc. You can invest in shade sails as they provide protection from the hot sun and protect your skin from harmful UVB rays. For top-quality shade sails and outdoor umbrellas, you can contact a wide variety of vendors such as Shadeland Shade Solutions

  • Embrace lanterns and outdoor lighting

Lanterns and outdoor lighting add an alluring touch to your outdoor space, especially at night. They enhance your home’s beauty by highlighting its elegant features, illuminating your pathways and gardens, and creates an enchanting ambience to make you feel cosy in your space. It also brightens your environment, providing safety and security. Additionally, it also enhances your home value and enables you to enjoy your home entirely. There are various outdoor lighting types, and you need to conduct thorough research to identify which ones will best beautify your home exterior. 

You can install spotlights to illuminate your sculptures, walls, patios, and any other thing that you can highlight. You should also invest in floodlights as they’re much brighter than spotlights and have a wider coverage range. Uplights or downlights bring your sculptures to life and create beautiful patterns on your walls, while garden lights beautify your natural space by highlighting the most beautiful plants in your garden. Light up your home exterior and enhance your safety with bollard lights. You can also invest in traditional lanterns to give your outdoor space a more traditional look. 

  • Paint your walls, fences, and doors

Sometimes, what you need to beautify your outdoor space is to repaint your walls. Faded or peeling paints can be unpleasant to the eyes and can significantly reduce your home’s exterior beauty. It can also make you feel uncomfortable when staying outside and reduce the patronage of your outdoor space. However, you can change all that by adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls, fences, and doors. Besides, it will give your home a new look and increase its kerb appeal.

To get started, you need to invest in quality paint because your walls, doors and fences are exposed to the elements and bear the full effects of all weather conditions. A substandard paint will fade off or peel easily and will cause you to spend more. You can also use different yet complementary colours to increase your outdoor space’s beauty and relaxing atmosphere. You have to replace rotting siding and wooden fences as paint can’t stick to them and will do little to cover them up. 

  • Clean your outdoor space regularly

All perks and additions to your outdoor space will be for nothing if you don’t clean and maintain them. Not only will you have a cluttered space to worry about, but you’ll also end up spending more to replace things that you could have preserved by cleaning and maintaining them. This is why you should clean your home exteriors regularly. You can start by periodically wiping your outdoor furniture; remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions to know how to go about it. Also, you should trim your garden regularly and vacuum the dirt lying around. You should always ensure that your home exterior is neat at all times. 

Your outdoor space can serve many functions and make your home more beautiful and desirable. These tips are not all there is to keep it in top shape, but they’ll help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

*Contributed Post

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