3 Home Improvement Projects for Summer

3 Home Improvement Projects for Summer
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Across the United Kingdom, about 4 million households are investing in their homes by carrying out upgrades and remodels. Out of this number, about 10% of UK families subscribe to home upgrades depending on the season. Moreover, more of these improvements happen during the summer. What plans do you have for your home as summer approaches in 2021? Hopefully, this article will give you some ideas.

  • Upgrade your exterior door

Whether it’s your front door or the back door, upgrading them will add significant value to your property this summer. It doesn’t take much time to give your exterior doors a fresh look. Moreover, it’s affordable depending on the type of upgrade you’re after. For example, if you’re getting fly screens for doors, you can be sure to find designs in a wide budget spectrum that suits your home’s needs.

People desire to open up their homes to the sun’s refreshing rays during the summer but are also wary of welcoming bugs from outside. The Legacy fly screen door is an excellent choice to let in some light while keeping the insects out. Built for purpose, these doors can block up to 55% of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Therefore, as you get to enjoy the outside view from within, you’re spared from the sun’s harsh glare. Besides, it prevents your indoor air from heating up because of the sunblock role it performs.

  • Install an outdoor kitchen

Summer is better enjoyed outdoors, especially when the sun is tolerable. What better way to spend time outside than to install an outdoor kitchen where you can grill or mix some cooling fruit punch? Admittedly, this plan will require more than a modest budget, but there are other alternatives to explore. For example, instead of a full outdoor kitchen installation, you could opt for a premade outdoor grill setup.

Better yet, you can seek the services of a professional to lay a basic bar structure for your outdoor kitchen. As a tip, you should explore décor options that are easy to find. For instance, stones, bricks, and reclaimed wood make excellent natural pieces that infuse personality into your outdoor kitchen. Whatever you choose to do now for your summer outdoor kitchen will stay put until you decide to change things up again.

  • Repair or install energy-efficient windows

Unarguably, summer is a hot season, and most people frequently use their air conditioners. Aside from winter, summer is that time of the year that many households record increases in their electricity bills. Upon a careful inspection of many homes, HVAC professionals conclude that the problem is faulty or energy-inefficient windows. Poorly installed windows tend to have gaps around the edges which contribute to this problem.

An air conditioner will work twice as hard because the room is unable to contain cool air. These window gaps act as conduits for cool air to escape, therefore automatically increasing your bills. To avoid this from becoming your headache, you should consider getting an expert to evaluate the state of your windows as you plan for an energy-efficient one.

Take a look around your home to determine what improvements are suitable for the summer. Remember to stick within a budget you can work with. Moreover, whatever project you undertake on your home, be sure it’s done right to last longer.

*Contributed post

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