5 Tips For First Time Movers

5 Tips For First Time Movers
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Whether you are moving out alone or with the whole family, moving for the first time can be quite a frustrating and exciting experience at the same time. The excitement is contained in anticipation of new opportunities and experiences like designing your new place, and the frustration is in the stress that comes with packing and moving out. So, to help make your moving experience less stressful and more fun, here are some tips for you. 


Prepare your finances and checklist


Before anything else, you need to prepare a ‘moving out checklist’ that should include your moving timeline and budget. The timeline will differ from person to person, depending on the amount of time one has to move. Visualise your move, and keep tabs on events as they unfold. Suppose you are still not sure about where to start. Start finding out the cost of hiring a moving company, how much you want to move, what to leave behind, whether you are moving with your family or moving alone, how to handle your pets, etc.


Consider hiring a professional moving company


Next, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a professional moving service or moving by yourself, with the help of your family and friends. It might make more sense to hire the service of a professional company if you don’t have the option of moving with friends or family. This will help take a huge chunk of the stress away from you. 


Send out notices


Moving out can get stressful, especially when you are doing it alone. So, it is best to send out notices to everyone who needs to know that you are moving and where to. First, make a list of who you need to notify and what kinds of loose ends you need to tie. Next, find a way of putting this into your moving checklist. This is because you may forget to do these things when the stress sets in.


Plan ahead


Don’t wait until the last day to start packing. This will only cause you to pack in haste, be stressed out, and make several mistakes. Thus, plan ahead and start packing as early as you can. You can start with the utensils and other things that you do not need on a regular basis, with the more perishable stuff being packed last. Packing early also makes the process less difficult. Also, take time to declutter and get rid of things you do not need to leave less stuff to pack. Also, make plans for extra temporary storage facilities just in case. This is especially important if you have a lot of stuff. Plus, some storage facilities such as Storage Oldham, come with the extra benefit of free boxes.


Pack properly


Avoid certain mistakes when packing. For example, do not leave spaces in the boxes, as this will prevent the items from shifting or knocking each other. Fill all gaps with packing paper, foam, or pieces of cloth. Also, ensure that all breakables are bundled properly. And don’t forget to label all your boxes. 

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