How To Prioritise Your Privacy

How To Prioritise Your Privacy
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If you’re a parent, you’ll know that having privacy is a pretty hard task once you have children in your life. Never again will you have a moment to yourself without a little person following close behind. Parenting is wonderful and the greatest gift, but for those of us who love our alone time, it can be a tricky adjustment. Likewise, if you’re in a long term relationship sometimes the privacy between you can blur. Of course, emotional honesty and physical closeness are both pillars of a successful relationship, but even in a marriage, everyone deserves their own space.

In another way, privacy online and in your home is also key. In our busy working lives, most of us want nothing more than to come home, kick back, and feel safe and secure in our little sanctuary we call home. Here are some ways to prioritise your privacy, no matter your circumstances.

Hedging and Other Physical Privacy Measures

Let’s begin with physical privacy in your home – that is, your family’s privacy away from others. There’s nothing worse than feeling as if all your neighbours can see into your home or garden and spy on your activities while you’re trying to relax. One way to get your privacy and maximise it is to install hedging in your garden. Hedges are not only great for privacy, but they also provide a gorgeous little habitat for wildlife in your local area, as well as creating a lovely aesthetic too. Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd is a hedge plant which looks stunning and provides total privacy for your garden space.

Setting An Example 

Even with a partner and children, it’s vital that everyone has their own space. Even a corner of a room, a desk space or a little creative space, which is yours. In the same way, it’s important to set boundaries both with your children and your partner about your space and your privacy. Children also deserve privacy, which is something many parents are misguided about, insisting on leaving doors open and barging into their bedrooms whenever they feel like it. Privacy is a right which everyone is entitled to, and by setting the boundaries to your own personal space, you will in turn be teaching your children about their own space and how important it can be. 

Your Own ThingBetween work, school, being a good spouse and keeping on top of the house, having hobbies as well seems almost impossible. However, research shows that particularly for women and mothers, having a hobby which is your own thing is beneficial for your mental health. We want to share everything with our children which is wonderful, but being a mum is tiring – and it’s fine to admit that. Having your own hobby such as a book club, a sport, arts and crafts or outdoor activities can centre your mind and make you feel calm, relaxed, and autonomous.

*Contributed Post

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