The Latest Home Trend: Minimalist Décor

The Latest Home Trend: Minimalist Décor
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Less is definitely more. Although this sounds like a cliché, it is a rule you should abide by when you are considering all things to do with your home. The minimalism trend is still relatively new and is appearing in so many homes across the UK. Subtle designs and plain interiors are met with understated furnishings and plain additions, but they work together to create an effortlessly beautiful home. Minimalism is emerging as one of the most in-demand interior trends. This in vogue interior style is at the centre of most Pinterest mood board and Instagram home inspiration accounts, and quite frankly there is just no escaping.

Minimalist décor revolves around simplicity and using neutral colour schemes as opposed to harsh, bold colours. Property investment companies like RW Invest specialise in off plan properties, and in order to appeal to a wide range of tenants, they utilise this trend throughout their apartments.

This trend may not take everyone’s fancy; however, it is a go-to décor if you wish to live in an apartment with a simplistic, clutter-free and relaxing environment. A minimalist décor can look extremely effective, so follow these top design ideas to create a showstopping home.

Neutral Shades

Neutral colours, as opposed to bright fussy designs, are the focal point for the minimalist trend. If you are considering transforming your home into a minimalistic haven, then you should get rid of anything too garish. Patterned wallpaper and bright features in a home can often be an eye saw and can sometimes make a home harder to sell if you decide to put it on the market. Opting for neutral shades doesn’t have to be bland and boring, a pop of colour can really work well to add that extra bit of magic into your home.

Consider your furnishings, as these can complement neutral tones and actually make them pop and become more effective. If you have sofas or furnishings that look tired or dated, and ones that don’t fit with your minimalist vision, then think about ways in which you can update these into gorgeous new additions with maybe a lick of paint or a splash of glitz with a new cushion or contrasting rug. There are so many avenues to explore, and you can really afford to get creative.

Introduce Textures

Opting for some added texture helps to create a homelier feeling as well as being a great way to make your interior come to life. Neutral cosy throws and blankets, as well as understated rugs and intricate side tables, will be a perfect addition to any home. If you choose to accessorise your home with subtle furnishings, your minimalistic space will come to life and really add some warmth to your humble abode.


Artwork doesn’t have to be loud and garish, some of the most beautiful pieces tend to be of minimalist design so it is 100% worth considering introducing some of this into your design. Minimal aesthetics featuring simple designs can create a huge impact in your home, and will really complement your minimal colour scheme throughout each room.


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