7 Ways To Save Money On Your Baby

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Parenthood doesn’t have to be expensive. Whilst there are many costs that are unavoidable, you can reduce many of these costs by being financially savvy. Here are just 7 ways to save money on a baby.

Shop second-hand

When it comes to baby apparel such as prams and bouncers and car seats, you can save a lot of money by buying used. Whilst you do need to be careful of condition, you’ll find that the majority of second-hand baby gear being sold is good quality – you may even be able to find clothes and items unused. Charity shops and online local sites such as Gumtree are great places to look.

Get freebies from friends and family

Friends and families may also be able to give you used hand-me-downs for free. You’re also likely to get a few gifts – it could be worth throwing a baby shower or an afterparty when your baby is born to encourage these gifts

Hit the sales

If you’d prefer to get baby items brand new, you can always take advantage of the sales. You’ll find sales on throughout the year. The January Sales and Black Friday are some of the most popular discount periods. You can also save money on certain items by buying them out of season (such as baby winter clothing in summer – although you may have predict what size your little one will be).

Buy a convertible pram/crib

Convertible prams such as these Babyzen Yoyo strollers from Beautiful Bambino can save you a lot of money in the long run. Rather than buying a separate pram and stroller, you can simply rely on a convertible one that grows with your child. Similarly, try looking into cribs that grow with your child. Some may even turn into small beds eventually.

Give breastfeeding a go

Not every mother wants to attempt breastfeeding, but if you’re looking to save money it’s certainly one way to do it. Formula milk can be very costly – by relying on your own natural milk you could save hundreds of pounds.

Buy nappies/wipes/formula milk in bulk

A lot of baby supplies can be made cheaper by buying them in bulk. This may involve using wholesaler sites – your local shop may not stock a large pack of 86 nappies. Use comparison sites like Bumdeal to compare bulk pricing. When buying nappies, consider how fast your little one is growing as you don’t want to buy one size of nappies in bulk only for your little one to grow out of this size in the next week.  

Make your own baby food

It’s possible to make your own baby foods rather than having to buy pouches and jars in the shop. This could save you a lot of money in many cases. Sites like Family Food on The Table contain lots of DIY recipes. Investing in a blender could help if you don’t already own one.

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